Rewiring the Subconscious

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~ Carl G. Jung

The subconscious mind is a storehouse of many levels of information. Programs run in our brains to keep us alive, like our breathing, our heartbeat, our temperature. It also contains our beliefs, values, experiences, memories, and ideas about the world. Much like the programs that keep us alive but below the level of our consciousness, the belief system can be programs that run in the background and something we are not even aware of.

While the subconscious programming runs in the background of our lives, it attracts many lessons (events, people) that come into our conscious life to express or even reinforce that the subconscious is right. This is how in our human lives, we accumulate many conditioned beliefs through our environment.

If we believe that power corrupts, we will always shy away from embracing the power available to us. Why not see power from the point of view of bringing about positive change to the world?

Is ambitious a dirty word to you? Do you equate ambitious with unscrupulous? Ambitious people can just be plainly highly motivated by their own positive goals; they can well be equally moral, honest, fair, and ethical. Are you shying away from your ambitions because of how you perceive it?

You may wonder how those programs came about getting entrenched in your mind. The collective consciousness holds many beliefs mirroring that of cultural and societal values. You may have inherited them through your ancestral lines. They could also have come from your personal experiences, even those you do not consciously remember. An ambitious classmate who unscrupulously betrayed you to gain a certain title or position at a young tender age of fourteen – that trauma is saved somewhere in your subconscious, to protect you from falling into that trap again. But you have grown much sharper and accumulated much experience and tools to deal with such situations in recent decades. Does it still serve you?

In ThetaHealing, we tap into the Theta state, where we can suss out the trauma that underlies the limiting beliefs. Healing the trauma and releasing the beliefs that no longer serves us, we can break out of the old patterns and embrace a more positive outlook. We can change our thoughts, and thus our behaviours. We can achieve the more authentic versions of our selves, the Self that wants purpose and meaning in life.

What hidden programs do you have lurking in the background that subconsciously hold you back from achieving your conscious goals?
Find them. Release them. You can reclaim your power – the power that is in you all along.

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