Oaths, Vows, Contracts

We have lived so many lives connecting and working with so many different planes. Sometimes exchanges were made, and in return for certain benefits, we might have obligations to certain planes. They can come in the form of oaths, vows, contracts, agreements, allegiances, soul contracts, promises. They could be simple innocent remarks in previous lives to “love you for eternity”, to the more serious ones in the likes of oaths of poverty, celibacy, or even allegiances to the buddies we went through war with.

I have seen and cleared many over the years (for myself and others), and I have always felt very touched by the events that led to these, while at the same time very relieved to see that we have moved past them (and that we can!) and we can complete and release them with all the gratitude we have for all that had happened. Pinky promises too came with much knowledge and heartwarming stories, and we can release the obligations now, while retaining the knowledge and learnings that we have gained from it.

My favourite ones are from Atlantis, the memories from that period are still vividly in my space, I would even say I am still (working on) coming to terms with a huge part of it (or at least what had surfaced so far).

As a child and up to recent years, I have always had recurring dreams of swimming in the huge calm and tranquil ocean, in the crystal clear waters. Sometimes it comes alive with all kinds of fish and their activity, sometimes it is quietly alive with an impending eruption of activity which never came about. There was always a strong feeling of anticipation. Of something. Never knew what that something was until I learnt about Atlantis.

I had worked through many different aspects and layers of the Atlantis civilisation days/lives through ThetaHealing, but in this story I am about to tell, we uncovered something else. What we think was a past life, may not be in the past.

The unknown diver swam quietly beside a tame but stern shark. It was in the middle of the ocean, the waters were so crystal clear I could always see the sandy undulating seabed at the depths of the ocean. Waters crisply sparkling in the sun. The scene “looked” happy, but there was always this feeling of imminent fear that something bad is lurking underneath, and may emerge and break the peace yet again. Usually, there would be an orca as well, but the killer whale was not around this time. I always felt safer when the orca is around, the shark would normally be kept at a further distance from the diver (which I discovered, was actually Me).

After decades of this recurring dream, there was no longer a sense of fear. They just felt like companions, we were all there just doing our job. The fear arose from something unseen, yet very strongly felt. There is a sense of an unspoken secret that we all knew and acknowledged. We were so loyally guarding the realm. Even to this day.

“Atlantis has to be sunk.” This message kept ringing in my ears as we went back in time to work on the healing. My body is so adamant about this truth that my mind cannot comprehend. I had vowed to guard it forever, to make sure that it never emerges ever again.

Never, and Forever, are really strong words that carried over lifetimes. Even in this lifetime eleven thousand years later, I still spent nights guarding it. In a parallel dimension, in a parallel timeline.

We dug at it, cleared layers and layers of guilt, grief, sorrows, helplessness, confusion, did loads of belief work, and finally completed and released the oaths, vows, promises, contracts, agreements, obligations. For the first time, I saw myself swim away. AWAY! I was extremely relieved at the moment I swam away.

Every dream before this was the diver swimming towards that certain area, and then joined by the shark and the orca, and we would fearfully/remorsefully/wistfully/keenly watch that specific area as we swim around it (it is huge, but there is this extremely specific spot we were ever so focussed on). Since clearing those obligations, I have not had to revisit the ocean in my dreams for the past three years. The place and space is so amazingly beautiful, but the thumping of my heavy heart was not something I wish to re-experience.

There we go, that is one of the more notable vows I cleared in this existence. It helped me feel a lot more complete now that I can have myself (more) wholly in this existence, rather than having to straddle multiple dimensions.

In Advanced ThetaHealing, you will learn to work on vows and commitments that keep you bound to a certain plane. These obligations can also be a promise or a vow on any level, and it good to release them when they are no longer serving us. Do you too have strange recurring dreams that make no sense at all?

Some obligations are so simple yet so entrenched in our lives, they exist unnoticed.

OR, do you feel you need to suffer in order to learn and grow? Do you feel you have to sacrifice something in order to make something else worthwhile? Do you feel obligated to help another person when it is (rationally) perfectly okay to not do so?

Thank you Kanenori for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/white-sand-beach-ripples-shallow-2252020/

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