My ThetaHealing Journey

One fine day, I was thrown a surprise arrow to speak in front of four hundred people that very afternoon, and in Mandarin. I was on my own, no big booming figure to hide behind this time. I just had to grit it. I knew then, this was something I have to deal with and can no longer run away from.

From then, I made it a point to brace myself to speak in public, and started looking for avenues to overcome whatever I was afraid of and holding me back. I needed something more empowering, something that I could help me live up to my life purpose and my highest potential. I knew there is something bigger than that version of me – the little girly being I was and chose to be. That was partly how I started my journey with Thetahealing. It has been an amazing technique that helped me find, understand and release all the old beliefs that no longer serve me.

cultivate trust

Cultivate | Trust

It is important we continue our journey of spiritual cultivation, to constantly and consistently expand and deepen our interpretation of life and of this world. This is not some material we can just pick up and hand over to another.

reach in | know your subconscious


Clients come to me expressing their dissatisfaction about their lives, their careers, their jobs. They come wanting to shed light on the underlying meaning behind this banal world they live in. Some do so via the ThetaHealing route, some via the Arcturian Blueprint Activation.

mind deserves a treat

Mind Spa

Have you ever had a head massage? Especially before a hair/scalp treatment when the relaxing massage sends a buzzy tingling deep into your head? Have you ever imagined or wished for that massage to be right within your head, so that the tingles can buzz right through every braincell you have?

make time for you

Loving Oneself

“The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.” – Carl G. Jung
Only when a person has a healthy relationship with oneself, that they can extend this authentic love to others around.

what is your procrastination hiding

Fear and its Guises

Ever wondered why people procrastinate? It is more than a matter of laziness. Ever wondered why some people are so indecisive? Or why they are such perfectionists?
There can be all kinds of root causes behind these why’s. The common denominator to these questions is that they hold us stagnant and keep us where we are.

be best | by your yardstick

Be Best?

We come guided by a purpose that appears not as an earthly “to-do task list” of being an architect to build the most amazing building in the world, nor a planner to take care of all humanitarian needs, nor a chef that innovates a new definition to eating.

look back | with eyes of gratitude

Spiral of Consciousness

We have all made our own share of mistakes, errors of judgements that we wished had never happened. Yet, had it not been for those “poor decisions”, we would not have gotten to this point of reflection and understanding of life.

navigate | not resist

Inner Compass

We all have a still small voice that whispers the directions to us, if only we start listening to it. So, how do we use this inner compass to navigate around that dynamic map? A way to use it is by feeling the difference between Lightness and Heaviness.

be mindful of your projections


Projections are like an infinity mirror effect of our shadows. It is unhealthy when project on/from another, forgetting that it is the other’s situation and that they have their own issues to deal with and their lessons are not ours.

recognise the infinite benevolence

Infinite Benevolence

We have been through lifetimes of different roles, picking up different virtues, unlocking different levels of achievements. There are times when we did not “pass the test”, but moved on to learn other lessons. We get to revisit “the test” as events that pop up in our lives.

connect with your inner light

Inner Light

Friends often ask me, “what am I supposed to see during a meditation?” Well, we do not always see things, sometimes we feel, sometimes we hear, and sometimes we even smell things. Sometimes we feel nothing, and sometimes, nothingness. Pure stillness in a vacuum. Sometimes, pure bliss.

feel fresh | flush off bad vibes

Byebye Bad Vibes

Have you every felt drained after chatting with certain people? Or totally depleted after an innocent walk through the crowded mall?
We are all susceptible to such dips in energy level, but the extent differs. The more empathic you are, the more affected you can be.

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