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My ThetaHealing Journey

One fine day, I was thrown a surprise arrow to speak in front of four hundred people that very afternoon, and in Mandarin. I was on my own, no big booming figure to hide behind this time. I just had to grit it. I knew then, this was something I have to deal with and can no longer run away from.

From then, I made it a point to brace myself to speak in public, and started looking for avenues to overcome whatever I was afraid of and holding me back. I needed something more empowering, something that I could help me live up to my life purpose and my highest potential. I knew there is something bigger than that version of me – the little girly being I was and chose to be. That was partly how I started my journey with Thetahealing. It has been an amazing technique that helped me find, understand and release all the old beliefs that no longer serve me.

the cause for procrastination

The Cause for Procrastination

You know what to do, have the ability and desire to do it, but still do not do it. The root cause for this illogical behaviour resides in your unconscious mind.

tune to your higher self

Connecting With Your Higher Self

When you want to listen to a particular radio station, you tune your radio to that station, to a particular frequency. Same when you want to watch a TV channel.

which emotions are stifling you

5 Emotions Stopping You From Living Your Dreams

Hurtful memories can stifle your development and growth. How do we grow and develop beyond hurtful episodes buried in our subconscious and influence our lives?

experience inner peace

Experiencing Inner Peace

Inner Peace – what we would all love to experience as we weave through everything life gives us? The good news is it is simpler to attain than our outer goals.

great expectations

Great Expectations

What are your expectations for your life? Are you excited about your future or are you facing it with apprehension and fear? Is the future too uncertain to you?

the art of daydreaming

The Art Of Daydreaming

Do you have any idea what you think about all day? It sounds silly, but most of us don’t actually observe the drama that’s constantly going on inside our heads.

your mind is a garden

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

On one hand, we despise change; yet on the other, we do not want to stagnate and become boring or bored. Yet, our habits keep us locked into a course of action.

kickstart your dream

11 Questions To Kickstart Your Dream

Get clued into your true joy. What activities turned you on as a child? When your goals are aligned with your soul purpose, synchronicity kicks in to guide you.

be mindful of your projections


Projections are like an infinity mirror effect of our shadows. It is unhealthy when project on/from another, forgetting that it is the other’s situation and that they have their own issues to deal with and their lessons are not ours.

recognise the infinite benevolence

Infinite Benevolence

We have been through lifetimes of different roles, picking up different virtues, unlocking different levels of achievements. There are times when we did not “pass the test”, but moved on to learn other lessons. We get to revisit “the test” as events that pop up in our lives.

connect with your inner light

Inner Light

Friends often ask me, “what am I supposed to see during a meditation?” Well, we do not always see things, sometimes we feel, sometimes we hear, and sometimes we even smell things. Sometimes we feel nothing, and sometimes, nothingness. Pure stillness in a vacuum. Sometimes, pure bliss.

feel fresh | flush off bad vibes

Byebye Bad Vibes

Have you every felt drained after chatting with certain people? Or totally depleted after an innocent walk through the crowded mall?
We are all susceptible to such dips in energy level, but the extent differs. The more empathic you are, the more affected you can be.

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