Inner Compass

We all have a still small voice that whispers the directions to us, if only we start listening to it. So, how do we use this inner compass to navigate around that dynamic map? A way to use it is by feeling the difference between Lightness and Heaviness.

Finding Order

Combining these two tools would be how I see us navigating the secret order in all chaos of the cosmos. The “current map” brings into perspective a multi-dimensional cosmos of meaningful and purposeful events. The “inner compass” nudges and prods us into alignment with that is the highest and best directions in accordance to what the present moment offers on that multi-dimensional map.

Divine Blueprint

Are you feeling stagnant in your life? Do you find yourself drained out, and everything seems to be just a repeat of every other thing? Do you start asking yourself, “is that all there is?”
Unravelling your divine blueprint helps you live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Clearing out the cloudiness can help you view your path with fresh eyes.

Rewiring the Subconscious

The subconscious mind is a storehouse of many levels of information. Programs run in our brains to keep us alive, like our breathing, our heartbeat, our temperature. It also contains our beliefs, values, experiences, memories, and ideas about the world. Much like the programs that keep us alive but below the level of our consciousness, the belief system can be programs that run in the background and something we are not even aware of.