Coaching Corner

Discover your own prowess.

Hi, I’m Ping. To support my clients in everyday life outside of sessions with me, I have put together this page to inspire and empower you in maximising your personal and professional potential. Remember, you are whole, capable and resourceful. Embrace your power!

Five Most Powerful Questions A Coach Can Ask

Answers are not the most potent tool a coach has. Questions are! They empower people to invent own answers and solutions, developing them for future challenges.

Secrets To Motivating Others Around You

When one thinks of ways to motivate others, the first image that comes to mind is that of a coach gathering his team members before a big game, revving them up.

Improve Performance Through Positive Thinking And Behaviour

Positive thinking and behaviour are often deciding factors in landing a top job – first job, a promotion, change of job – whatever career step you are targeting.

Tap the Magnificent Power of Your Subconscious Mind

For those of you who have read self-help books, hypnosis books, etc, the probability of you encountering the mysterious word “subconscious mind” are pretty high.


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