Chapter 8

Learning to Overcome Negativity

The ability to move through challenges and difficulties and still maintain hope, wellness of mind, and positive coping methods are known as resilience. People who possess resilience can keep their focus and emerge stronger after going through difficult situations.

As you move toward your purpose, you will realise that you will face many challenges that will require you to have self-confidence and new coping skills to make it through to the other side. Resilience can help you overcome any negative element that tries to take you off course.

Individuals who are resilient usually display certain personality characteristics that influence the manner in which they view problems and how they solve them. Resilience is affected by some of the following personality qualities.


When you believe that things will get better and that the current difficulties and challenges that you are currently facing will be solved, it means that you have optimism.


Independence refers to your ability to make decisions in your life and order your own actions without having to rely on other people to tell you what to do.

Control and Responsibility

This refers to the calmness and inner peace that comes when you believe that you can do something to change the unfortunate circumstances that you may find yourself in from time to time.

In order for you to learn to overcome negativity, you have to learn how to train yourself to think positively, even when you are going through a difficult and stressful situation. You have the innate ability to change your negative thoughts into more positive ones and find the humour in things, even when everything seems to be going wrong.

While the past may have been bad, and your present situation is not the greatest, this does not mean that your future opportunities are going to be jeopardised, unless, however, you allow the situation to do so. Your purpose in life may not be on a straight path that is lined with cupcakes and rainbows, and that is why you have to push away the bad times actively and set your eyes on the final goal.

How to Develop Personal Resilience

In order for you to overcome challenges in your life, you have to take the deliberate steps to enhance your resilience levels. The first thing that you can do is to start to incorporate positive affirmations into your daily life. Words are extremely powerful. Whatever you speak has the potential to become a reality. When you talk positively about your life, you will be amazed at how quickly it turns around for the better.

Life is not always going to give you easy options out. You have to strive and make it a purpose irrespective of the surrounding circumstances. When you can increase your determination to go against all the odds, you will build your resilience reservoirs.

When you can learn how to establish cultural bridges and enhance your communication skills, you will be able to express yourself better and get the help you need when faced with difficult situations. When it comes to some of the challenges that you meet, you will find that you need someone to listen to you and a shoulder to lean on, with better communication you will find it easier to seek advice when facing a crisis concerning your purpose.

Decision-making is an integral process in your daily life. When you face challenges and problems, your ability to conduct yourself with an open mind can help you to get through your problems regardless of their difficulty. These skills will help you to manoeuvre and maintain focus on your ultimate goals and life’s purpose.

The Brain and Resilience

Modern science helps us learn about the biological processes of the brain and how it affects our reasoning, determination, and ability to pull through difficult situations. Some parts of the brain produce chemicals that boost our happiness levels while other bring about anxiety and fear.

To be mentally, physically and behaviourally healthy, even in stressful situations, we need to change our perspectives and thought patterns. By speaking to your subconscious, you can awaken your potential to stand firm and display resilience even in difficult times. By thinking positively on what you are currently doing, you will find satisfaction, happiness, and a reason to continue moving forward.

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