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May the long time sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light
Within you
Guide your way on
Guide your way on

– Snatam Kaur Khalsa

This is a song we sing at the end of each kundalini yoga class. When we are so connected within, I could feel every bit of  love and light touching every bit of me. The still small voice appears in the form of a gently unyielding candle light, flickering with the surrounds but steadfastly alit.

Friends starting out on their meditation journeys often ask me what to expect in a meditation, “what am I supposed to see?” Well, we do not always see things, sometimes we feel, sometimes we hear, and sometimes we even smell things. Sometimes we feel nothing, and sometimes, nothingness. Pure stillness as though we are in a vacuum – so quiet. Sometimes, pure bliss.

Every sitting is different, I am never sure what I am going to experience. When I first started meditating, I learnt to visualise, to imagine. Then I learnt to observe. As I picked up ThetaHealing, I learnt to witness. The difference is how much control we exert on what we see, versus us letting go of the human ego and seeing what Creator wants us to see. Imagining was the first step I took to understand what visualising meant. As I visualised more, I learnt to develop the ability to imagine and paint pictures in my head. I was still the painter. As I meditated more, I learnt to observe. Observing my thoughts and the surrounds in my mind’s eye, viewing them as a detached third persona. No judgment, just observation. Witnessing is viewing Creator at work, answering our prayers.

To make it less abstract, here are some “geo-locations” of where you most likely see light.

By mind’s eye, I am referring to the ajna, the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows. When I witness, the scenes play out like a movie screen about an arm’s length in front of my mind’s eye. More or less, the visuals appear around this space most times.

There are also times I see the light in the form of a little candle in front of my heart chakra (centre of the spine at the level of our physical heart). When I embarked on Kundalini Reiki, this was where the pure light “moved” to. No more candle, just a pure light. This soft white light has slight golden shimmers to it, and it appears more solid than the one at the ajna. It feels bigger (usually the size of a CD), and “commandable” (I can send it outwards to envelop a much bigger space at will). By sending this Love bubble outwards, I no longer had to draw the golden shield! It keeps the negativity out by dissolving them rather than repelling them.

Another prominent location of seeing a ball of light is a few inches above my head. It normally appears as golden for me, sometimes a compassionate pink/orange blend. Sometimes white, and sometimes even a diamond, or occassionally a sacred geometry symbol. It is quite fun, this is why I enjoy observing.

On occasions, usually after an extremely centring and peaceful meditation, I can see concurrent lights all at once. The ajna light small and faint; the heart chakra light pulsating strongly beyond my physical body; a guiding light gently shimmering at the “movie screen”; and a solidly still light at my tummy area.

The above are descriptions of individual balls of light. Sometimes in meditation, we get a light show of bulbous pulsating colours, in different colours, in different directions, different patterns of movements, at varying frequencies. When channelling frequencies, it is incredibly exciting to witness the interaction of Light with our personal energetic space.

What is it that you experience during your meditations?

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