“To know yourself, you have to recognise what you think on a subconscious level. If you know what you are thinking, you will know the motivations of your subconscious mind and how much it influences behaviour.”

~ Vianna Stibal, You and The Creator, 2020

Clients come to me expressing dissatisfaction about their lives, their careers, their jobs. They come wanting to shed light on the underlying meaning behind this banal world they live in. Some do so via the ThetaHealing route, some via the Arcturian Blueprint Activation. Either way, the light shed does not merely point in the direction of “which career path should I switch to?” nor answer to “would I do better in this other [fill in the blanks] industry/field?”

More frequently, the answers come in the form of deeper understanding of oneself: what aspect of that other XXX field that one fears and not dare embark on the path; what aspect of this path one is on that one fears to embrace the joys and wonder of it. Everyone is different and there is no singular formula or solution to every person’s problem.

One thing is clear though, the dissatisfaction is there. The void, the absence of meaning, the lack of purpose. They are not annoying emotions. They are a flag highlighting to you that there is something greater, there is something deeper, than just this earthly human aimlessly walking the earth.

Recognise that there is something more profound to be unearthed in your existence. You have just yet to find or learn that.

A housewife (or househusband) does not just do housework. There is so much more Love underneath that veil of unworthiness (from how one describes what they do). A homemaker makes a home – a welcoming loving nest for those striving hard out in the wild wild world. A homemaker nurtures the next generation into wholesome beings who know love, and know how to spread love to a bigger world beyond the nest. Instead of yearning and gazing out into the world of corporate strive, why not focus on injecting that meaning and purpose into building a space of safety, comfort, and love? In turn, these positive vibes beam and transfer out to the larger world via the vectors you have groomed. Wholesome vibes injected into the chaotic societies, I would say that is important work right there.

Knowing the motivations of your subconscious mind helps you sit more deeply into what you are doing here. You may have been suppressing the creative aspects of how you do things, whereas if you allow the creativity to flow, you may embrace your job a lot more. It does not mean you have to change job to be happy, it just means you have to get to know, acknowledge and address the shadow aspects that you have been hiding from the world. The converse is also true. If you choose to stay in your current job, rather than pursue the other branch of the fork in your road, it is useful to understand the motivations of your subconscious mind from the perspective of what is it on “the other side” that you are afraid of. What are you holding back from?

“What you resist, persists.”

~ Carl G. Jung

Either way, identifying the root of the issue helps you along on your journey, whichever branch of the fork you choose. On the same note, not resolving the root of the issue will bring you back to the same pattern and problem, whichever branch of the fork you choose.

Hug your darkness. Market yourself to you. You are loveable, you are worthy, and you are fully deserving of an abundantly joyful life.

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