Multi-D Journeying

Life is very magical when we open our worlds to the dimensions in the likes of childhood fairytales.

I am a very scientific-minded person, and it kind of conflicts with my “worldview”. So, in order for me to accept (and attempt to comprehend) this multi-dimensional magic, I take it as an alternative world of adventures, as though my imagination is running wild and free in fantasy storybooks. I remember telling a classmate I could not really tell the difference between a dragon and a dinosaur, which sounded absolutely silly, but to me, both were unreal because I have never physically seen them before.

There is so much magic out there which I really enjoy the experiences in, thus I decided I will enjoy the journey instead of denying myself of the joy and richness of the world beyond what my 3D mind can comprehend. Especially when these magical experiences do bring me huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom, which makes perfect sense when we look at them from that (higher, loving) perspective.

One of the fun bits was journeying with dragons! In the multi-dimensional world, I have my own pet dragon. Or more like, I am my dragon’s pet human. I have met the same dragon a few times, in different classes (and in different modalities)! I started my journeying in the Arcturian Healing classes, and absolutely love the world service we get to do with it. Even in ThetaHealing, I had one classmate who described my dragon to me (we do not learn about nor do dragon stuffs in TH). It does provide a sense of validation when someone on a physical plane unexpectedly comes up to me, and describes something I have been experiencing in a non-physical plane, but could not bring myself to believe just because it was not on the physical.

My most memorable journey was in the early days of the 2021 Myanmar coup, when my dragon brought me on a trip back to Mae Sot.

Part 1

How cool is that to be flying together with a nine-dimensional* being! We met for a little discussion, “I want to send healing to the Karen tribes suffering attacks from the Tatmadaw.”

*The very first time I met my dragon, that was how he described himself to me about nine-dimensions. I can sense the spaciness of what he showed me, but my flat physical scientific mind cannot comprehend and does not have the vocabulary to describe. 

He explained to me, “It is just as important to take care of those who have survived,” referring to the people who managed to escape to the Thai side.

“Alright, that sounds fair and makes perfect sense.”

He reminded me, “Send healing to the land and the people, not just to the people. Remember to send to both sides of the border.”

I nodded.

“Send healing to the groups too.” I thought he meant the NGOs helping them, which sounds absolutely rational and wise. But he clarified, “Not just the NGOs, but the government as well”.

I gasped, “Even to the Tatmadaw?!” Why would I want to send any healing to the oppressors attacking their own people! There is just too much Love out there in the higher dimensions that my human heart of judgment did not catch on.

Dragon calmly fed me two words, “Wisdom and Illumination.”

I am crying as I type this out. It makes so much sense. There is just so much Love up there. It took me two days to unpack this wisdom, or rather to accept and integrate it.

In our everyday life, it is useful to send wisdom and illumination to people who are struggling in their own stories and pain.

The same with the “oppressors”, they may have been clouded by their own struggles of what we deemed as “evil” or “selfish” or “cruel” or “greedy”. They too need wisdom and illumination to see beyond the “evil”, “selfishness”, “greed”, and make clearer, better, choices and decisions. Maybe they only know the evil, selfish, cruel ways to achieve what they want, maybe they can achieve what they want, but with less cruelty and less fatalities? Shrugs, I don’t know, I don’t fancy the idea of thinking for these (hateful) juntas. 

Part 2 

After lunch (my physical lunch, I have no idea what he ate – maybe golden and orange light? hehe), I met up with the dragon again and he flew me into the mountains where the Karen tribes lived.

We sent healing to the land and to the people. At first, he sat huddled with a small community, with his wings to shield and protect them. Then he grew bigger and bigger and encompassed the huge territory, as more and more people took shelter under his wings. They looked relieved and hopeful.

He looked at me and asked, “What now?”

I was stunned. It was a rhetoric question – just totally proved his point about the earlier conversation. This is just as much as one can achieve when sending healing to the fighting areas – keep them safe, shelter them, comfort them, and let them know there is hope.

“Do you want to head over to the safe side?”

I nodded. He left his clone (what we call Doubles in Arcturian Healing) at the conflict zone, and flew me to the river. Yes, that very familiar river. We remained in the skies as he hovered around the make-shift camp. He breathed golden light and golden showers of water onto the land, and the people.

He explained, “Different places require different kinds of assistance. Here, what they need are sustenance, they need appropriate elements, they need fertile land to grow food to feed themselves, they need pink and golden light to feel the hope and guide them in their survival.” The people looked relieved (they were already feeling relieved having crossed the river to safety) but this relief is from the worry of the unknown.

“Do you want to go to the strategy huts?”

Hmmm.. Not quite sure what he meant, but I nodded.

He took me to this place where groups were strategising how to deal with the fighting – where the safe grounds are that the people can be moved to, where they can be hiding, and also where they can fight the juntas best. Once again, he breathed golden showers from above. “They need wisdom and illumination.”

Right, now I get it.

He breathed balls of golden white and pink energies that hugged them from the environs, “Give them faith, courage and strength.” 

“Isn’t this more effective than me just sitting down and protecting the people from harm?” 

“Do you want to go to the negotiations table now?”

I shook my head this time. I was not ready to have anything to do with the oppressors. 

“Whenever you are ready.” We flew back to his world, and he gave me a little debrief. 

It took me a good number of days to digest and understand, and finally be able to put them into words here.

To end suffering, we have to send love to where it matters most. Not just to where it hurts most.

Different places/circumstances require different kinds of assistance. The effectiveness of the assistance also differs from the different levels at which help is rendered. So too are the different types of healings applied. 

Part 3 / Epilogue

I did visit the negotiations table weeks later. The amazing thing is that whatever wisdom and illumination that was sent, they really did get down to our physical dimension. A couple of days after that (weird-ass dimensional) journey, thousands of soldiers defected from the Tatmadaw (I read it in the real-life news).

I choose to believe that work in the higher dimensions really does help. Sending love to any situations, events, and people really do help.

Thank you pixundfertig for the background image