“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…”

~ Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi

This June is a strange month that I learnt a lot from not intentionally “connecting up”. I learnt that Universe is still there watching my back, but probably just not that pro-active in giving my ideas and directions, and hence the most important lesson I learnt is how much divine inspiration has been in my life making it all smooth and enriching.

Meditation has always been a keystone routine in my life, which I had always viewed merely as “calming myself down after a busy day so I can get my restful sleep” and “preparing myself with positive thoughts before I get out of bed” and “power breaks to collect myself before big events”. This month showed me that it is way more than that.

First, let me start with the big ton of excuses, which I am pretty amazed by how human beings can spend more time justifying than just taking the time to do it. In all good honesty, I really never knew that (I am Aries, full on action). I suppose this is Universe’s way of showing me compassion through experience, and have less exasperation and more understanding for how humans function. I had been having the time of my life in Switzerland, enjoying a week of ThetaHealing class, when not in class and not at sleep, I am basically hiking in nature and mountains. To me, that is a whole two weeks of super enriching spiritual lifestyle – I love being in nature, being absorbed in nature, and these moments really take me into the same space of divine inspiration that meditation takes me. When I got back to Singapore, it was more than a week of discomfort – jet lag, sudden return to abrasive energies, basically felt like sensory overload in an unseen/unheard/un-physical senses kind of way. I tried to sleep it off, attributing everything to jet lag (apparently, it is alot more than that).

Three weeks later, I finally properly tuned inwards and fully “connected up”. Over the past weeks, I had been connecting up in a “task-based” manner – basically getting myself into the Theta brainwave enough to get things done (it just takes seconds of full focus to witness the healing in the Theta brainwave state). But the short spurts of connections were not long enough a period for Creator to render me the divine messages of what I need to know in the larger scheme of things.

I was pretty lucky I could sense I was “off” a week or so after I came back. I did try to meditate a bit more at a time, and with each try, I find myself able to tune in deeper and sit still longer. With each sitting, I find I get more solutions floating into my mind. This “disconnection” really made me appreciate and realise how much of divine inspiration I have been leaning on to get much of my day done and so smoothly at that. I had always been able to pre-empt issues before they crop up, and all these while I thought I was just clever. Ah well, thank you Creator for all the unseen support and cleverness you have been flowing into my life, I am really grateful and appreciate your divine help!!! Please continue bringing it on, I am all-hands-open on receiving your blessings and ideas!

The cumulation of little efforts and tiny habits do accumulate. Big learning for me – patience pays. Be patient with yourself, be forgiving on yourself (for all the “I should have done these” or even “I should have done these earlier”), and encourage yourself, for every little tiny bit of progress means that you are getting closer to what you are trying to achieve.

I was so flustered at first, then a little less jittery, a little more able to sit still, sitting still a little longer each time. And yay, I sat through my own healing yesterday. I went very deep this time, and even though it still took me a few times to try again and again and again to connect up in that one sitting, I still managed to, and it was a huge victory. FINALLY. The healing was so deep that I slept and saw the healing continuing while I slept.

I start to see the future again. I start to see what I need to prepare for in advance again. I start to get divine inspirations of “hey, you really need to look at this”, and “have you looked at the possibilities of this yet”. It feels so good to be in this space again. It feels so good to see beyond what the earthly world can offer us. It feels so good to be soft and comfortable in the physical body again.

It feels so good I will never allow myself to lose any bit of this connection ever again.

Thank you jplenio for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/sunset-dusk-sky-clouds-lightning-2459855/

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