Seek Opportunities In Everything That Comes Your Way

What happens when we focus on the negative side of life instead of the positive? We miss out on seeing the breadth of opportunities that would otherwise enable us to develop and strengthen our lives. 

The result? We end up journeying on a downward spiral, feeling that no matter what we do, we simply will not win.

The solution? To start seeing everything in our lives as an opportunity for growth – every encounter, every incident, and even every challenge.

Are you

  • Constantly focusing on the negative side of life?
  • Feeling the world is against you?
  • Fed up of this constant battle?

Begin making the transformation today!

What is in it for you?

  • Discover everything in your life is an opportunity for growth
  • Learn how challenges are the proving ground for future success
  • Realise every encounter you have has something from which you can learn

By adopting the habit of seeing only the negative side of life, we risk standing still in our lives, or even going backwards. We also find ourselves becoming increasingly resistant to change. In a strange way, this leads us toward attracting more of the same just so we can feed our ego with another dose of “I knew it would not work,” or “I told you the world is against me,” or “What else can go wrong?” In short, our life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of condemnation. The way to defeat this is to seek out the opportunities and lessons, and to act on them accordingly.

How do we achieve this? Simple – we ask ourselves questions like, “What can I learn from this situation?”, “What will I achieve by overcoming this?” and “What do I need to do differently next time?” By adopting this more positive outlook, we naturally seek ways to learn and move forward. In turn, we discover how the world is not against us; it is merely the way we perceive it. Result – we are the ones back in the driving seat, and subsequently we are the ones determining to bring out the positives and use them constructively in our lives.


Take a look back at some recent encounters, incidents and challenges that you chose not to see as opportunities. What could you have learned on each occasion? What opportunities were there for the taking? What will you do differently next time?


For the next thirty days, put these determinations into action. Using this same mindset, apply it in other areas of your life too. Over time, this will become second nature, and you will start seeking opportunities in everything you do. If things do not work out at first, do not be disheartened. Instead, review what you have learned and re-determine again.

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