Visualise And Create!

There is a polarity in everything in life…. happy and sad, rich and poor, fat and thin. It is the contrast and the differences between things that can really help us clarify what we want in life. When it comes to creating your life there is the having and the “not” having.

In order to create what you want in your life, you need to focus on what you want (in other words, “the having”). If you want money, you need to focus on money. If you want a relationship, focus on having the relationship of your dreams. If you want a fit and thin body, focus on being fit and thin.

The problem comes because we all have a tendency to focus on the “not having” that we are going through at the point of time. I assume that if you are trying to create something it is something that you do not have as yet. And what I am saying is that that is the problem. If you are focusing on the “fact” that you do not have it as yet, then that is your point of attraction, and that is what you are creating more of. If your mailbox is full of delinquent bills everyday, it is difficult to focus on the money that you want. If you are overweight and the scales will not budge, it is difficult to focus on being fit, thin, and at an ideal weight. If you eat dinner alone every night, it can be difficult to focus on that relationship, and it makes it more elusive than ever.

But in order to consciously “create” the life of your dreams – have the money, the relationship, the health, the fit body, whatever it is that you want – you must focus your attention upon it. That is where visualisations, and even daydreaming, comes in. What will it take to give you the feelings of having it now? That is how you will consciously create the life of your dreams. You get what you are “feeling” about. If you are feeling bad about the debt that arrives daily in your mailbox, that is what you are creating…more debt and more feeling bad!

It can be difficult to control your thoughts. I think we can all agree on that. So rather than trying to control your thoughts all the time, try a “chunk-of-time” strategy. Consciously set aside a chunk of 15 minutes at a time to consciously visualise what it is that you want. You can even do it when you are doing something else – driving, exercising, or vacuuming the house. During that time, daydream and see the final result in your head. Imagine what you would feel, see, hear, touch, if you had your heart’s desire. Use as many senses as you can. If your mind wanders back to unpleasant thoughts during the 15 minutes, develop the discipline to go back to your daydream. Enjoy your “daydream chunk”, do it as many times as you can, once a day, twice a day or more.

If you develop this discipline you will be well on your way to consciously creating your heart’s desire.

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