11 Questions To Kickstart Your Dream

What is your dream? Want to give your vision a jumpstart? Write down your goals and use these questions to speed up delivery of your dream.

1. What is your highest priority this lifetime?

What is most important for you to experience, explore, or embrace this time around? Until you answer this question, your life goals will be off-purpose. Unaligned with your inner passion, your intentions will lack the power to attract the people and situations necessary to become a reality.

Get clued into your true joy. What activities turned you on as a child? What are your hobbies now? When your goals are aligned with your soul purpose, synchronicity kicks in to guide you to your target. When you intuit and own your unique essence and calling, assistance will flow to you from every earthly and heavenly source.

2. Is this your dream, or someone else’s?

Are your goals your own choice, or what others think you should strive for? Do you want to look back in your old age and wish you had followed your passion? Will you regret having “played it safe”? Do you find it selfish to go after your own dream? But, what joy can you give to others if you have not given it to yourself first?

You have a divine right to listen to your heart. You have a social “obligation” to follow your dream – only then can you fulfil your destiny and make the earthly contribution you were born to make.

3. Do you really, really want this dream?

Do you bound out of bed every morning to pursue your vision? Or is it a lukewarm dream you chase because it sounds meaningful? Only the Real McCoy will generate enough energy to manifest itself in the world.

4. Are you settling for less than?

Are you resigned to accepting less than your full share of love, health, and success this lifetime? Have you compromised and sacrificed your dream to death?

Anything short of living your true passion will never make you happy. Do you want to arrive at the Pearly Gates with the regret of not marrying that one captivating person, starting that fun business, or seeing that exotic part of the world you always wanted to visit?

5. Is your dream actually just a means to some other dream?

Is your goal the ultimate end in itself, or merely a limited means to that end? Isn’t it really the new car itself you want, rather than the money-the means-to buy the new car? More to the core, isn’t it really a renewed sense of self-worth you desire, rather than the new car or house to impress the family and neighbours? And isn’t it really happiness you want, rather than the picture-perfect mate, job or body?

Focus on the experience you want to create, not the physical form that may-or may not-bring you that experience.

6. What will you feel like when you reach your dream?

Personal passion fuels a vision. Dive into the thrill and exhilaration of the feeling of living your dream. Every moment you can, drink in the joy of having your goal.

The Hawaiian Kahuna say, “Where your creative attention flows, so flows your life”. Is your daily attention feeding your dream? As the TV public service announcement reminds us, “It is midnight. Do you know where your children are?” Hey, in your life, it is high noon! Do you know where your creative excitement is flowing?

It is high time you manifested your aspirations. Dynamic, satisfying creations are nurtured with love and care as a flower in a garden.

7. How will you benefit from achieving your dream?

Get specific about the benefits you will receive from achieving your vision. Write down these pluses so they will sink in as motivators. What exactly would happen if you made a lot of money doing something you love? How would you approach your life differently if you allowed people to love and support you? What would you do with more vitality and health?

8. What steps can you take today toward your dream?

Do not defer your dream. Set up supports and systems around you to instantly translate your intentions into action. Jump on every opportunity that is in line with your purpose and vision. Keep the momentum going. No matter how hectic life gets, pledge to take at least one action a day. Even the smallest actions – jotting down a new idea, reading a single page, or making one phone call – can start to add up.

Are there smaller projects that lead to your larger dream that can give you pleasure in the meantime? If the dream is to run a marathon, train for a local fun-run first. And find a way to measure your progress. Track those little wins – by writing in a journal or telling a friend.

9. Are you telling yourself, “I can’t have my dream”?

Most people do not believe they can live their dream. Either their belief system has them believing they cannot make a living doing what they love, or they feel they do not deserve their dream. To avoid the pain of feeling they cannot have their dream, people often keep their dream so buried they cannot remember they ever had a dream.

Everyone has a dream! And everyone is destined to fulfill that purpose. Why wait?

10. Are you afraid of getting your dream?

Statistically, more heart attacks occur when “good” things happen, than when “bad” things happen! Getting your dream is life-threatening! Of course, realising your dream is only threatening to your old experience of yourself and your life. You know, the one that is boring or paining you to death!

Change is scary. The only way to avoid feeling fear is to avoid living altogether! Find a way to move the energy of fear so you can live fully.

11. Do you really need to accomplish your dream?

Do you really need to achieve your goals to be happy? Enter the “hoot-less state” where you no longer give a hoot if the exact “picture” of your dream comes true. Without the interference of the Ego’s push, pressure and micromanaging, you have a much better chance of being in the right vibration and space to attract real happiness. When you relax your grip on the exact way your future “has” to unfold, you give the Universe more flexibility in how it can fulfill your wishes.

From a higher perspective, what if our true task here on Earth is simply to be who we already are in our essential nature – with or without manifesting our specific goals? What if the essence of who we are is enough?

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