Knowing Prosperity

One of the more challenging aspects of learning how to attract prosperity is the ability to “know” you are prosperous – even when you have yet to feel like you are!

When your outer circumstances keep reflecting the illusion of lack, it is easy to get frustrated because you think your attraction attempts are not working. However, that very frustration is what will keep you locked into the cycle of lack! In order to break out of the illusion of lack, you have to use the power of your will to diminish the energy you have invested in it previously. How do you invest energy into the creation of lack?

  • By constantly thinking about it and focusing on it.
  • By constantly affirming that it exists in your life.
  • By talking about it to others.
  • By identifying with the lack you see in the world around you.

The more attention and energy you give to the existence of lack, the more lack you attract back to yourself.

The good news is that you can also use this same process to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, except you focus on the opposite end of the spectrum!

  • Constantly think about and focus on abundance and prosperity. Remember to not do so from a place of need, fear or anxiety – but from a place of joy, confidence, and optimism that it is already yours.
  • Constantly affirm that you are a natural prosperity magnet, and great abundance flows into your life easily and frequently.
  • Share the wonderful things that happen to you with others. Rather than complaining about the bad stuff, share the good stuff and encourage the people in your life to do the same.
  • Pay attention to the great abundance that surrounds you at all times. This includes the material possessions, people and blessings you have in your life, but also the expressions of abundance you encounter while out in the world. Rather than feeling envious of rich and successful people, imagine that the universe has just held up a mirror to let you know that you can also be just as rich and successful.

Most importantly, develop the inner knowing that you can choose prosperity and abundance, just as easily as you chose lack and struggle.You may not believe that you have chosen lack and struggle (who in their right minds would?) – but it is very possible to choose by default.

Unless you consciously choose to be prosperous, it is like sitting in the back seat of your car and expecting it to deliver you to your desired destination.

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