7 Deadly Barriers to Success

You want to start up a business on the Internet but it has not happened. What can you do to put yourself on the journey to success? You can identify what is stopping you and take steps to overcome these common but deadly barriers below.

1. Lack of Goals

If you sit down at your computer, with the Internet connected but with no goals, it is likely you will end up surfing without a purpose. This is very time consuming. Decide what you want to achieve, make it as specific as possible, and plaster copies of them all over your home so you cannot fail to read them at least five times a day. Your mind will start to believe them; and if you take active steps to achieve them, they will not be out of your reach.

2. Lack of Money

Okay, for some people, this will be a genuine factor; but for the majority of us, there is a vice or an activity we can give up, like smoking, the odd bottle of wine, or an aerobics class. Most of us will be able to find something to give up, or cut down on, for the few months it takes to get started. The Internet provides so many free resources and is the cheapest way to start a business these days. So, buckle down the purses or give up a vice and join the ride.

3. No Research

This is a most deadly barrier.  You might think you have an idea for a product, but unless you are absolutely sure there is a market for it, you have no assurances of success. If you have a list, you can ask them for their opinions. Or go onto some of the many forums and ask for people’s opinions and test the water. Do not create a product and waste precious resources until you are sure there is a market. Even better is to create the product after you have investigated a market and know what they want.

4. Scared of Failure

You have probably heard it before, but do you think Einstein got it right the first time? Do you think any inventor gets it right the first time? I am sure it takes hundreds, and even thousands of attempts in some cases, before its “Eureka”. Failures happen to be learnt from so do not be afraid of them or give up when one occurs. Sit down, learn your lessons, and get on with your next plan of action with your head held high.

5. Information Overload

I know all about this one! You get so many ideas and ways of marketing in your head, they all merge, make your mind utterly confused, and you cannot even think of one straight idea. The solution to this is to try one thing at a time. Test its success, and if it does not work, move on. And when you find something that works, stick to and master it. Then you can go on to try something else but only if you want to. It is better to be excellent at one thing, than not very good at lots of things. Also you could try choosing one or two ‘gurus’ to follow.  You can copy their roads to success as long as it is in your own words.

6. Procrastination

This is the one thing not to become a master at! Tomorrow never comes.  Do not put off things you can do today. Do something everyday to bring you closer to your goals. I know Netflix in general can be very entertaining but imagine what you can achieve if you spent that time making substantial amounts of money on the Internet. The possibilities have no limits.

7. Other People’s Views

Whether it is your partner, boss, kids, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, whoever – do not let them put you down. If you want to succeed, it is down to you and you alone. Keep that one-mindedness and do not budge from it, whatever the daily grind throws at you.  You can succeed and you will. Live the life you want to.  If you want to work from 9 to 5 and are happy, then so be it. However, if that is not the case, it is up to you to do something about it. 

Today, the Internet is your oyster, so get out there and find the pearls.

Thank you AlkeMade for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/barbed-wire-danger-wire-fence-4430196/

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