Hearing Frequencies

One of the most memorable random quote off the internet for me was that:

The Universe does not speak English. It speaks Frequency.

~ Anonymous / random quote off internet

I have always been very sensitive as a child, and probably experienced a much higher range/spectrum of frequencies as compared to my siblings or the people around me. It is difficult to make a comparison anyway, because we would never know 100% of what another is sensing, no matter how hard we describe our experiences to be – we will always only see through our own lenses. (Hence, it is important to open our hearts and minds to others and continually broaden and deepen the eyes through which we see the world.)

Just from discussion with family, I know my senses of taste, smell and hearing, go on a different range of richness. I could taste every ingredient I know of that went into the preparation of a dish. Thus, Mom would always ask me what ingredients go into something if she wants to recreate that dish herself. She too has a wide range of taste, for when I tell her what is in there, she (and Dad too) would re-taste it and, “indeed, it has xx in there.” (In a way, it may also be genetic?)

Is it a gift? I am not sure, I make the most of what I have (be it good, be it not-so-good). I suppose we do get a little bit of power boost for having “extra(?) senses” for a start? That too, depends on what they are, and whether we can tap into them in a positive manner? (Caveat: they may be a burden as well… depending on whether/how much one understands them, right?)

On an easier front of discussion, what I am sure of is that the environment plays a huge part in it as well. The urban environment is really far too noisy for us to capture the tinier finer tactility* of life.

* I consider it tactile because I can feel the vibrational / frequency changes as much as hearing/sensing/tasting/smelling them.

Much of my life is spent in this urban city/state/country Singapore, but the time here is interspersed with years away in quieter rural areas. I can clearly remember how my senses are often overwhelmed by the loudness of vehicles and neighbours chatting whenever I am back here. Since young, Mom often complained that I would complain crickets are too noisy even if I am in the forest.. Hmm. Oftentimes, I do wish she could hear what I hear before she says what she says. But ah well, I do recognise too that I do complain about roosters being too noisy when I was up in the mountains. (Funny too, how I do not complain about the sounds of the helicopters nor the non-stop night firings. Our brains really tune and block certain things off even when they are right in front of our faces.)

When I was living in the rural village island off Shanghai, I could SEE static electricity. With my physical eyes. (Not even needing the third eye.. tsk) When I was there, my senses were supremely heightened, because it was just so dark, so still, so quiet. My connections with plants and animals were just natural bonds of friendships. Everyone at the stable said I have amazing “马感” (“horse sense”) when I ride. Well, I could communicate with the horses telepathically, just by feeling into the fine fine vibrations not just of the ride but really just sensing them (and them sensing me) even in terms of emotions. I could sense kindness and ill-intentions, just like the horses could. Not that I needed any proof on that, but there was this one fine day I was very uncomfortable with the trainer, and Poof! My horse kicked him on his leg during our ride (the coach was riding on another horse, and the other horse was unscathed! 😀 ) How do you explain that? <3

Had my mind been caught up in the the urban storm level of thinking about crazy load of stresses, would I still have enjoyed this level of calm connection with these calm loving animals? Had it not been that dark and still in the night, would I still have managed to see electrical sparks even with my minds’ eye?

Well, the hearing part was never really in my radar then. I was not quite tuning into its magic until my days in the Myanmar/Thai mountains. I always knew I could hear a different dimension, that is how/where I got extra guidance. One can tell when it is from a different dimension, because you just cannot place it – it is not a physical sound/voice, it can sometimes be booming, it can sometimes be gentle but extremely firm, but you can never pin-point “where” you heard it. Sometimes from the back (but still cannot pinpoint a physical location), sometimes from the side, sometimes right at the ears, sometimes a little higher, but I just cannot place it, it just felt like a different dimension, as though it entered from a different world into our space.

When I moved to the mountains, I started becoming more aware of the existence of this magical hearing. They come in different pitches, sometimes it feels hollow, sometimes it feels rich, sometimes it makes me feel like I am in a vacuum. As I notice more and more, and observing and relating them more and more, I start to gain an understanding on what they mean. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. Sometimes a high-frequency, sometimes a low one. Sometimes sudden, sometimes prolonged. If you ask me what each mean, I will not be able to tell you. But somehow I will always have an inner knowingness of what they mean – almost like stringing together a sentence of different vibrations and interpreting that as a whole.

All I know is that I now totally absolutely trust what I hear/feel/sense/smell. Yes, even smell, now I understand some healings through smell as well. If you ask me now, I would still say, “I don’t know.”

I am still unable to equate one thing to another, because ultimately I string all the senses and sensations together and interpret that as a whole. Just like you would with an English sentence.

The most recent occurrence in office reminded me that my “kampung senses” work in the urban world too. The fire alarm sounded at work, and most times we assume that it is just “routine testing” because “sh*t doesn’t happen on my watch” and “why the heck would the office catch fire on a weekend”. I heard the high frequencies in my left ear, which often happens when I am guided to “GET OUT. NOWWWWW.” (It is useful and important when I worked in a conflict zone…) I remembered the urgency (stories from Shanghai days and Thai days), and I grabbed my most loved pen and quickly ran out of the office to get out of the building. Well, indeed, there was a fire on the 19th floor (five floors below mine), and might even have been a chemical fire. The firemen wore little tanks on their backs and one even came downstairs to get his gas mask. These are also incidents that remind me that “I don’t need to be proven” and maybe even “I don’t want to be proven” but they are admittedly very very useful for my learnings.

So, yes. My only advice would be to Trust**. Experience. Understand. TRUST. Even attunements are changes to our (energetic) environment, and that too can change our experiences and understanding of the world around us that we had not prior been aware of. 🙂

** Trust includes any inkling to check with a doctor if it makes no sense and feels uncomfortable / uneasy. I can share so much here also because I have checked with my ENT to ensure there is nothing wrong with my senses of smell/taste/hearing/etc. (I still go for routine checks to ensure that everything is in good order. We are still monitoring certain aspects of my heightened sense of smell at this moment.) 

<3 Good luck and enjoy this exciting brave new world! <3

More resources on frequencies, vibrations and resonance here: https://theconversation.com/could-consciousness-all-come-down-to-the-way-things-vibrate-103070
Thank you geralt for the background images https://pixabay.com/illustrations/soul-clouds-seem-to-be-faith-6852225/

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