Our Light Team

Have you had the nudge to wake up and attend a class that you nearly forgot about? Have you had someone (or some energy) fervently instructing you to go back to your room? And then something bad happened the minute you safely got back in there? Have you felt great presence and consolation when (or even before) a grievous event happened?

I have even seen a holographic wing on my arm before. But most times, they felt like guidance from somewhere some other dimension yet right around me. When I need obvious signposts, I get a feather at important places that answer my query. We are guided and assisted by so many invisible multi-dimensional beings around us. I generally call them “My Light Team”, and they are so extremely reliable and work in great synchronicity with my Higher Self, this entire package which communicates with me through intuition, which I have learnt to totally trust.

Everyone of us have our own Light Team, and they bring different experiences, lessons, learnings, guidance to us. Let us go into some of them (this list in non-exhaustive, I will add as I recall and/or learn more).

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are spirits assigned to each of us to protect and guide us. They can be our ancestors as well. We learn to communicate with our Guardian Angels in the basic ThetaHealing class. We have around two to four GAs each, and they walk this Earth with us from birth till we die (or when we refuse a death door or when we go through the Dark Night of the Soul, then they “roster out” with new and probably more elevated ones).

Spirit Guides

We get guidance from spirit guides in certain fields that we are training very hard on, and they can be angels or spirits. There can be many of them, depending on what we are learning at each point in time, and they transit in and out of lives (unlike the GAs).

For example, when I first started on my healing work (early Usui Reiki days), I never had to memorise the hand positions. I would read about it, chew on all the information, and then during the actual practice, there would be an energetic guidance of what I need to do, and information flowed in beyond what I found from the books. That was the same when I was doing my urban planning or architecture work – there would always be guidance to tell me what to do further research on, and magnificent insights that connect the dots.

Angels and ArchAngels

There is a whole topic on the spiritual hierarchy consisting of Angels, Archangels, Archai, Elohim, Dynamis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim. I have yet to go into differentiating my experiences with angels and archangels, so I will just describe them broadly as I have experienced.

They are around us all the time, but due to free will, they do not usually do anything extra unless and until we ask. It is great for me who has so many questions about existing in this life, and I always get the answers (from the Light Team overall). I can hear them “chattering” in excitement sometimes, and I would know to expect something exciting or surprising soon enough. Sometimes they do step in without invocation, especially when there is danger involved. I had witnessed Uriel and Michael appearing before (multiple occasions), and the whole space felt so different – so firm, so powerful – and I felt so safe, so protected. The Archangels are very recognisable (I have spoken to many of them) and their energetic signature is unmissable.

In the advanced ThetaHealing class, we learn to send angels to another person for protection and guidance. For example, I had intuitively sent it to my parents on their travels before, only to have them tell me later in the day what had happened during that time. I find it particularly useful for sending protection to the little ones at home when I feel the need to.

Council of Twelve

Every soul family has their own soul family councils comprising of ascended masters, and they very wisely guide us on our soul developments from the much larger picture than we can ever imagine (life beyond earth, life beyond physical realm). I have seen mine multiple times, sometimes during sleep state (especially if I fall asleep immediately after meditation), sometimes during my “night work” or “world service” at other realms/dimensions, and most recently during a life-between-life regression. Their presence is so grand, so wise, so light.

This world is so vast, and we are so loved and so supported beyond what we can ever imagine. Love is really all around. <3

Most favourite resources (easy reading): 
The Journey Home: A Kryon Parable, Lee Carroll
The Little Soul and the Sun, Neale Donald Walsch
Thank you Kellepics for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/fantasy-angel-light-nature-lake-4121700/

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