Cellular Memories

We never really die; we merely change our levels of consciousness. Because our loved ones are immortal too, we are never really separated from them. This realisation of our true spiritual nature is a powerful healing force.”

~ Brian L. Weiss

Most of us souls have ventured through many lives, learning many different lessons and mastering virtues, while old stories remain imprinted in our cellular memories. What abilities and skills did you innately have (what are you known for being naturally gifted in?), those which you have brought over into this world this life? Do you have some puzzling fears that make no sense at all?

I was working on healing a soreness in the front and back part of my ribs/torso yesterday, and the story that unfolded was a great revelation for me. Hence, here is a share!

The disheveled tramp painfully clung on to his ribs as he took his last steps.

He was born into a very comfortable family, but his very loving parents unfortunately got into an accident and passed away when he was 5 or 6 years old. He was too young to know what to do, there weren’t any other adults to take over the parental role, and he ended up wandering the streets. He did not have a chance to attend school, but roamed the streets for the rest of his life (around late 40s) up till the point when he was poisoned by some prankster and left this world.

The tramp was also a healer, but not as how we would have understood a healer to be. He walked the streets all day which served many great purposes. He was a walking mirror. He gave people opportunities to show love, compassion, and care for the underprivileged. In simplistic terms, he gave people a chance to accumulate good karma. People would also sit and talk to him, pretty much an outlet for them to vent their frustrations and sadness about life – he was a deep/compassionate listener, he listened without expecting nor being expected to answer. He was unthreatening – just an anonymous nobody who would have no hold against anyone.

He was a walking example that life can be supported purely by God’s grace, passed on through the hands of the people walking this earth. Of course there were days that he went hungry and got really pissed off with people – there were those selfish, inconsiderate, and pure cruel human beings too (the last one poisoned his food as a prank).

The mischievous person poisoned the food as though it was food for the stray dogs (but even that was cruel)! Rather than being super pissed off, he was sorrowful about how cruel humans can be. At the same time, in the most ironical of ways, he was thankful that this wretched life had finally come to an end.

It is shocking to me, and I really learnt a lot viewing a third-person’s perspective on this life. It is no wonder I am ever so careful about how I present food to the homeless. And it is no wonder I did so much work for/with people without homes. He carried a faith that I wish I have (but now, I know I actually carry that too!). He kept going in spite of life being so lousy, “I am not sure if it is really going to be like this all the way to the end. Maybe something will change? In any case, I will just follow through with God’s plan and live and survive everyday that I am meant to live here.”

I can never imagine myself aiming to just survive. Yet that life taught/brought me virtues that I am reigniting in my life now. I asked about the soul mission/purpose for that life, and was shown that it was “data collection”. Wow. Unbiased research sounds great. It was a rich collection of experiences about human life, about humanity, about connecting with people of different backgrounds. All these without any of the corporate strife that would have tilted the “research” towards the conditional exchange in this society.

It was way more meaningful than I would have expected out of someone aimlessly wandering the streets. Has it ever occurred to you that a tramp life can be so useful to one’s soul development? Once experienced and written out, it sounds like pure spiritual common sense!

Is there something in your life that feels downright mundane? Are you able to take a higher perspective and find the hidden meaning in it? How does it serve you? What are you learning from it?

In ThetaHealing, we heal and complete the unresolved issues in the past lives, as well as in our childhood, ancestral lines, and the collective consciousness that are affecting us. Naturally after this round of belief work, the soreness of my ribcage resolved on its own. Isn’t it amazing how much our body cells remember? And how we can change them in an instant?

Thank you Dieterich01 for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/angel-beggars-candle-light-wings-5698069/

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