Imprints and Objects

My first understanding (and amazement) about how objects hold imprints and memories was from sixteen years ago. My Usui Reiki teacher asked me to be the demo, and I passed him my bright red spectacles and returned to my seat at the back of the seminar room. He read my energies from the imprints held in my spectacles, and he then sent healing to it. In the process, I could feel all the negative cold energies gushing out from the soles of my feet.

From then on, I grew careful to not be touchy with objects when shopping, especially not with crystals and jewellery. Lovely friends long to show me their latest crystal bracelets and let me feel their energies, but they grow to understand my hesitancy. Sometimes, I would give quick demos of reading their energies and emotions through the jewellery, to show them how much of their information is imprinted on these inorganic objects. Hopefully they learn to be more aware and mindful of the energetic world that transpires right under our noses.

Every speck of sand, every mineral, holds memories of everything that has happened in it. In a very artistic sense, have a look at the video of the mosaic master Sergey Karlov describing his appreciation of the materials he works with in producing his art.

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Many great masters (art, architecture, lapidary, etc) always talked about their materials – about appreciating, respecting, and expressing what the materials long to speak to us about. That includes the structure of the material formation, which not only ensures practicality in not crumbling halfway through the cut, but also to fully tap into the potential of what the material can do (example, the precision of cutting a real Vogel crystal).

“An intuitive person can learn the hidden language of minerals and crystals and uncover the knowledge held in the records stored in them.”

~ Vianna Stibal (Advanced ThetaHealing: Harnessing the Power of All That Is)

Many of us are drawn to crystals in ways we may not understand. “How do you know what crystal suits you?” I like how Affinity Crystals always says, “水晶找主人” (crystals find their owners). Stones and crystals do call out to us when it is appropriate because it (frequency?) just clicks, and it is a vibrational match (to what we need?).

They hold so much knowledge, or even wisdom, having gone through millions of years on this earth, and accumulated so much experiences on all that had happened. There are crystals that had experienced time in the depths of the sea while also at the tips of the mountains, that is how much they have gone through in the evolution and changes of the earth. It is a delight to know that we can access this information of each individual piece of inorganic material, more than just the generic information on “this crystal can do this, and that gemstone can do that”.

Do you know that we can download programs into the furniture at home (have the sofa provide a sense of comfort and security to whoever sitting on it), do belief work on your land and your house (make sure it feels like a home, not a dormitory), and also clear old imprints that no longer serve them? In Advanced ThetaHealing, you learn to work with the different planes of existence, and to clear and do belief work on non-organic material!

This world is magical when you realise how much you can communicate and work with it.

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