Sorry, Shadow

What was I ashamed of? I had always struggled with having a multitude of interests. Sounds perfect for today’s world? Yes! That precisely explains this shadow concept together with the repressed gifts. Isn’t it utterly irrational that I have been repressing this aspect of myself for so long?

My ThetaHealing Journey

Someone told me a dozen years ago, that I will be travelling around the world to speak. It was an unthinkable notion then. For one, I was already at the brink of breakdown from the crazy flying schedule I had for years of my urban planning work. Secondly, I am an incredibly shy introvert who would choose to bury myself in the background technical work anytime.


Resentments and grudges weigh heavy on us. Being unforgiving also has to do with judgement which in itself is a defense mechanism. We may pre-judge how a person reacts, and the negative, unreal situations start playing out in our heads. We tend to forget, that everyone changes, and wants to be a better person. For all we know, they may be holding on to guilt, to how things could have been better if they had not committed that stupidity.