My ThetaHealing Journey

Someone told me a dozen years ago, that I will be travelling around the world to speak. It was an unthinkable notion then. For one, I was already at the brink of breakdown from the crazy flying schedule I had for years of my urban planning work. Secondly, I am an incredibly shy introvert who would choose to bury myself in the background technical work anytime. The funny thing is, part of the story has unravelled – I now travel to Phnom Penh to teach, as an adjunct lecturer in a university.

In the past twelve years, as I make my journey through this spiritual path, different people I met at the different points in my life reiterated this similar image, but with clearer and more detailed descriptions of what they are seeing. On a conscious level, I find it unthinkable; yet at a subconscious level (or a heart level), I felt very drawn to (or pushed to) embrace this fuzzy version of me that the psychics were talking about.

Well, at a professional level, I have always had to present my projects to crowds. I get nervous (of course, who doesn’t?) but hardly worried. The limelight was always on my mentor – the famous father figure whom I can always hide behind and look to for directions (and instructions). It is a very comfortable space under his shadow, a very sheltered cosy one.

At a subconscious level, I had always chosen the comfort zone: play it small, play second fiddle. Hide behind some veils of unworthiness (too young, too asian).

One fine day, I was thrown a surprise arrow to speak in front of four hundred people that very afternoon, and in Mandarin. I was on my own, no big booming figure to hide behind this time. I just had to grit it. Apparently, Universe feels it is time for me to step up. I knew then, this was something I have to deal with and can no longer run away from.

From then, I made it a point to brace myself to speak in public, and started looking for avenues to overcome whatever I was afraid of and holding me back. I needed something more empowering, something that I could help me live up to my life purpose and my highest potential. I knew there is something bigger than that version of me – the little girly being I was and chose to be. That was partly how I started my journey with Thetahealing. It has been an amazing technique that helped me find, understand and release all the old beliefs that no longer serve me.

As I clear more of these limiting beliefs, Universe presents more opportunities, beautifully served on a silver platter. It has been an encouraging and supported path, I am certain Universe sends us what we are ready for. Sometimes, even lessons to get us ready. (Follow my blog, I will be sharing the stories over time!)

With intent, with action, and with good attitude (and of course with a good grasp of what is in sync with Universe’s intent too), whether knowingly or unknowingly, we will start aligning ourselves onto the journey we are meant to. We can always choose to move otherwise, but being out of alignment will also mean much internal conflicts or even external obstacles. Out of great Love for us, we will always be guided towards what is in the Flow of our highest good.

I hope to extend this journey to you too. To break free from the small version of you, to share your unbridled potential version with the world. We all deserve it. <3

Thank you schäferle for the background image

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