Overcoming Fear

I have been dealing with Lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies) more than thirty years of my life. Finally six years ago, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and seek proper therapy, which was another aspect of how I started my journey into the ThetaHealing world. All the beliefs and traumas I cleared, there were many of them, layers and layers were thrown to the wind each time.

My family had been remarked by my improvements – I am now able to co-exist with the butterflies, no longer jumping around or running and screaming just because they are in the same space (let’s say, a huge park) with me, however far away they are. I am able to watch clips that show a whole huge family of fluttering butterflies, clearly shown in their individual beauties – no more heart palpitations, no more panic attacks. I am able to watch them with my eyes open, as they flap around in my balcony. Well, as long as they do not come too close to me. I am tremendously remarked by how I can now look at them now. With my open eyes.

I remember being on the phone with my coach, and a butterfly tried to come through the windows into my 18th storey room. I quickly closed the windows, and her instinctive response was,

“Why are you shutting out your creativity?” 

Over these past years, the question I have been asking myself follows, “why aren’t you allowing creativity to come closer” and I hate (or fear) to add the second line “and to touch you, body, heart and soul?” I have unravelled, in pieces and in layers, what I was afraid of. I am thankful that I have the tools to do that. 

Fear programmes take up space, block our abilities, and negatively influence our choices in many ways. It is thus very important to work on releasing them. In ThetaHealing, we call this Fear Work. The surface fear serves as a little flag, from which we follow its trail to search deeper, so as to identify the deepest fear that underlies all the other fears. (The process is similar to a root cause analysis.) As with other belief programmes, it could have been built into our childhood through traumatic events, genetically inherited from ancestors, or collectively held in the group consciousness (cultural fears). By releasing the fear programmes, and replacing it with more supportive and positive programmes, we reclaim back the power to advance our journey with less inhibitions.

Now that you know it can be overcome, you may like to ask yourself, “what is it that I am so afraid of?” and the bigger question, “what is it that I am shutting out from my life?”

Thank you pezibear for the background image https://pixabay.com/images/id-1622940/ 

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