Projections are like an infinity mirror effect of our shadows. It is unhealthy when project on/from another, forgetting that it is the other’s situation and that they have their own issues to deal with and their lessons are not ours.

Hidden Prejudices

Do you know that emotions and trauma can be passed down from our ancestors to us via DNA? Those we hate/resent/begrudge/fear/envy may well share the same bloodline that flows through us, or be the enemies they had to defend/fight against.


Clients come to me expressing their dissatisfaction about their lives, their careers, their jobs. They come wanting to shed light on the underlying meaning behind this banal world they live in. Some do so via the ThetaHealing route, some via the Arcturian Blueprint Activation.

Fear and its Guises

Ever wondered why people procrastinate? It is more than a matter of laziness. Ever wondered why some people are so indecisive? Or why they are such perfectionists?
There can be all kinds of root causes behind these why’s. The common denominator to these questions is that they hold us stagnant and keep us where we are.

Sorry, Shadow

What was I ashamed of? I had always struggled with having a multitude of interests. Sounds perfect for today’s world? Yes! That precisely explains this shadow concept together with the repressed gifts. Isn’t it utterly irrational that I have been repressing this aspect of myself for so long?

Overcoming Fear

Over these past years, the question I have been asking myself follows, “why aren’t you allowing creativity to come closer” and I hate (or fear) to add the second line “and to touch you, body, heart and soul?” 
I have unravelled, in pieces and in layers, what I was afraid of. I am thankful that I have the tools to do that.