Hidden Prejudices

Law of Compassion is the pink mist we always pass by on our way up to the Seventh Plane. It is also something that we frequently use in ThetaHealing to help us see the higher wisdom in situations. Seeing through eyes of compassion helps us understand the situation from other positions, without judgment, and extend kindness to them/us/the situation in spite of the mistakes or failures. It also helps us realise that the pain, suffering and imperfections are all part of the shared human experience.

This shared human experience was something that I thoroughly felt when I attended the ThetaHealing World Relations class. We methodically worked on uncovering the hidden prejudices lurking under our skins, and then healing and releasing them. It was a very eye-opening and heart-opening experience.

Do you know that emotions and trauma can be passed down from our ancestors to us via DNA?

You may want to look up intergenerational epigenetic inheritance, which I believe is merely the tip of the iceberg! There is an interesting article here which shows some examples of how traumas of war are passed down the ancestral line.

Human race has been around for hundreds and thousands of years, and global trade (and imperialism) has been around for thousands of years. It is unsurprising that all kinds of races, ethnicities and religions run in my genetic bloodline (and I suppose that applies to everyone else). We may have no recollection of where/when/how certain beliefs got into our system, but they do colour and shape our current view of situations, usually as shades of prejudices and judgements. Wearing lenses of compassion, I see these as inheriting defence mechanisms from our ancestors to ensure the survival of the family line. This was particularly obvious when working on the healing of our “genetic enemies” – the enemies of our ancestors or those whom they have to defend/fight against. In some or many cases, these beliefs are no longer relevant, and we can be safe even when we release them.

One healing particularly touched me and showed me what inherited prejudices look like. I have always loved the bright colours of Hindu festivals, but had never taken time to appreciate it. There was always a subconscious blockage that cut off any appreciation for their culture. Exploring deeper into it brought out my ancestral bloodline’s contempt for this religious group – I subconsciously had to adhere to it, so as to be loyal to my family line. All these were absolutely not known to me nor my family before! After the healing, I could feel the ginormous shift in my energy and consciousness, which was hugely heart-opening. There was so much richness in the culture, beyond the rich colours I was viewing in my energetic space. I could enjoy the clarity, the brilliance, the shine, of the dancers in beautiful saris, with a kaleidoscope of colourful powders forming geometric prints, and a lovely elephant adorned in gold and sparkling accessories.

I find this to be a perfect example of the depth and breadth of humanity that prejudices have been blocking from us. It may not be in our clear path of choices, choices made by those that came before us, but they do cast a huge shadow and an invisible net that shields the depth of love we can have for our fellow human beings.

I am very grateful for the ability and the opportunity to open my heart and space to the beauty of a much greater love that I never knew I have the capacity for. I wish for everyone to be aware that we are all connected. We are/were all one.

We have to be conscious of the fact that there is always that possibility that those we hate/resent/begrudge/fear/envy may well share the same bloodline that flows through us.  Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not.

Be aware of your prejudices. They may no longer serve you.

Thank you dimitrisvetsikas1969 for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/thorns-sharp-pain-hurt-1327796/ 

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