Infinite Benevolence

What I love about ThetaHealing and other spiritual work is being able to access the past and learn from the past. We have been through lifetimes of different roles, picking up different virtues, and unlocking different levels of achievements. Of course, there are also times when we did not “pass the test”, but moved on to learn other lessons. At some point, we get to revisit “the test” again, and it really does help to know what it is that we are tested on in the events that pop up in our lives.

I am grateful for access to Creator on the seventh plane, and so much guidance from the fifth, third and every other plane at any point in time. One session that deeply shone a torch into my this current life was with Lady Nada. She introduced herself and her role in providing love to all of humanity via her pink ray, and that she was called Mary Magdalene in her last incarnation and how her being in that role two thousand years ago was a great significance to the planet. She explained that part of her responsibility now is to awaken and encourage every soul to come back to their own divinity.

She introduced me to the energy of Faith, explaining it is a light blue ray which is not only an Archangel, but also a quality – a cosmic vibration (just like gold is a quality, not just a mineral, not just a colour). It is a quality I have to invite into my space, as it is something that Mind has very little of as Mind only accepts what it can understand from the five physical senses. When we run into a situation that brings doubt to the surface, tap into this quality and look into the trigger: confront it and release it – it is an opportunity to remove the roadblocks to getting the life we want.

The specific incident was about how my soul went through the same lessons again and again through many lives, disempowering my creativity just so that I can fit in with the collective prevailing energies, even when it does not resonate with me. This contrast over so many lifetimes caused my soul to remember such incidences almost as a choice:

  1. Either I belong and have that connection to the collective,
  2. Or I empower myself in my journey as a creator and risk being isolated, not understood and not supported in that state of consciousness.

This is the contrast that I need to learn to dissolve, and understand that I can find that balance. That I can become a powerful creator, and at the same time, I can trust that even when the people around me do not understand, they can still remain a support structure in my life.

She showed me through a prime example of a specific lifetime of mine. She spoke about the depth of love, how my soul is at the threshold of infinite benevolence – the absolute supportive, loving, giving nature of the Universe, and that it is coming so close and becoming so tangible. This threshold is a vulnerable yet critical one. This is why the feelings of disconnection comes up so powerfully each time I get to this point – all the past lifetime memories of fears, lack of support, disempowerment, are intensified. She explained flags of the threshold from a different perspective of how I understood them, together with reminders that I really have to power through these to get across the threshold.

I release all fears and beliefs that my choices and my creations will never be backed up by family and the collective, and always judged and rejected as a problem where I will be perceived as a troublemaker, rather than a blessing for the transformation of the collective into more advanced, loving, and tolerant reality.
I forgive humanity for times when I was forced to adjust myself to the collective fearful beliefs, the conditions and behaviour that make no sense but allowed me to survive.

~ guided by Lady Nada, in Session with and as channelled by Zeo

Maybe every lifetime, we are brought to earth to achieve some breakthrough, be it for ourSelves or for humanity. The significance of our being this life may not be through the material contribution as Mind understands, but something different and maybe something bigger, which we have no conscious understanding of as yet. Thus have Faith, call her in, invite her consciousness to guide ours, to break through what we fear to cross. For there is something much bigger, much more beautiful on the other side.

To all humanity, let’s all just strut our stuff and live our lives to the highest aspect possible, according to the individual truth within each and everyone of us.

Thank you Suppenkasper for the background image

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