Spiral of Consciousness

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not.”

~ Carl G. Jung

Life and its meandering journey is surprising. Sometimes with the enlightening, comes the wistfulness of “why did I not realise it earlier”. A very wise friend reminded me that life goes up and down all the time, and that it is important to remember the next time we are “down”, we are already higher up the spiral. What a concise and simple explanation to this growth of consciousness.

As we meander through life, there are many instances of us madly paddling, or just floating down, the stream of many things and events that we consciously partake in or subconsciously take into account as part of our experience. We journey on deeper or further. We accumulate more such experiences, each time with a tad bit more understanding into these unassuming little puzzles, which clarify as more of them get pieced together. Then one fine day, as we round the corners, we find ourselves back to that same point, but the angle and perspective now looks amazingly different. Yet, they are not at all unfamiliar.

It is beautiful from this higher angle, but we can never be back at that same point of ignoramus ever again. Then again, why would anyone want to?

They may have preferred a certain aspect of that earlier state, and are melancholic over what they have dropped along the way. Yet, it could have been only because they have dropped that certain aspect(s) that they are able to reach this new vantage point of a bigger, fresher, and cleaner perspective.

They may have felt regretful or guilty, for not faithfully hanging on to the older (also, outdated) version of them. Or they may have been just darn wistful about having wasted so much time meandering through life and its experiences, and wishing for a smooth, uneventful journey with their old state of being. Then again, with that old state of being, would they have been able to embark on that journey? Or rather, would it have taken them down a different route, to a different view?

I am sure we have all made our own share of mistakes, errors of judgements that we wished had never happened. I have definitely made my fair share of poor decisions in life that I still feel some form of guilt and regret over. Yet, had it not been for those “poor decisions”, I would not have gotten to this point of reflection and understanding of life. I could have understood life from a totally different perspective of hubris and arrogance. However wistful I am over the “wasted” time and journey and experiences, my heart is filled with gratitude for the lessons I have gleaned.

I am also thankful that life meanders in such a way that we can get back to that “same point”. Just that this frame of reference is now from a different angle, from a different viewpoint, and with a different set of eyes.

View life not as our current life per se, but as an ongoing journey to advance our own consciousness and the world’s. This approach takes us out of the vibration of Fear. Fear of what awaits us in the path ahead. What is Death? What are Choices? What are Lessons? What are Emotions? They are all part of our journey’s little markers – signboards to tell us “this way”; or little obstacles to guide us to taking one step up the game of awareness and learning. So what if we fail? What if we succeed? What are we afraid of? These are little mirrors reflecting what still hold us back in life.

Overcoming these makes us a tad bit lighter, and brings us a tad bit higher up the consciousness spiral. In turn, it makes us braver, as we grow more equipped to take on the challenges in life.

Thank you xxxfcuk for the background image https://pixabay.com/photos/rotate-stairs-spiral-1566280/