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Trust needs to be cultivated, be it trusting ourselves, trusting the Creator, trusting the people around us. We can trust when we cultivate our connection, with ourselves, with Creator, with the people around us.

In the physical material world, things can be passed around from one point to another, one person to another, independently of its origins, independent of its owner. In the non-physical realm, it is not so easy. We can pass learnings, we can pass teachings, but how much is learnt or taught depends as much on the recipient as it does on the teacher. The same teacher teaching the exact same contents to the same student – the student may even take the teachings differently as they ascend in consciousness – the understanding can deepen.

“There are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realised until personal experience has brought it home.”

~ John Stuart Mill

It is very important to continue our journey of spiritual cultivation, to constantly and consistently expand and deepen our interpretation of life and of this world; to pick up and hone our virtues. This is not something that we can just hand over to another person, no matter how big-hearted the teacher is and is unselfish about handing over knowledge. It is a matter of cultivation of the student themselves. The same goes with trust – we cannot pass it around; it takes one to cultivate it, to deepen and to build it up.

In ThetaHealing, cultivating Trust in the Creator is of utmost importance. Next comes trusting ourselves, our intuition. Every situation is different, as with every human being is different. Trusting our interpretation of Creator’s wisdom will ensure our clear channelling, with as little interferences from our ego/mind as possible. When it comes down to trusting the people around us, my current position is to go back to first trusting the Creator, followed by trusting our intuition. Discernment is extremely important, but I have no wish for my life to be ridden with suspicion. I trust the Universal Laws to return kindness with kindness.

To make life easier and more liberating, I always choose to trust the people around me. Unless the Creator shows me otherwise. Unless my intuition shows me otherwise.

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