Inner Compass

“I have been a seeker and still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul.“

~ Rumi

We all have a still small voice (our in-built guiding tool) that whispers the directions to us, if only we start listening to it. It is a divine sparklet guiding us to our highest good – that which we came to this world to do. It has a quality of serenity, exuding crispness and clarity in the absolutely unassuming manner. So quiet that it glows like halos of rainbow amidst the external noise that feels like forever raindrops.

For simplicity, you can view it as following our Heart (rather, the still small voice deep inside it), where our Truth resides. On the earth plane, we often relate the heart to emotions, but there is something else altogether, when we go even deeper. Emotions is of an earthly vibration, while this still small voice vibrates to the divine order. Following the higher order saves us time and heartache, and more often helps us learn the lesson that is part of our growth journey (while the emotions are too part of the journey markers and signposts).

So, how do we use this inner compass to navigate around that dynamic map?

The way we use it is to really feel the difference between Lightness and Heaviness. Light when we are in our higher path of least resistance; heavy when we resist what is best for us. Think of it as running an A/B Split Testing – Scenario A and Scenario B – and what sensations each gives. What weighs heavy, gives us that sinking feeling in the stomach; whereas, what feels “light” gives us that clarity or extreme stillness unswayed by any emotion.

Heaviness has two possible implications: 1. it is not the right way forward, as in it is not what the higher Heart wants; or 2. there is baggage from past experiences that is holding us back from pursuing our Highest Order. In a way, 1 and 2 are interlinked. If we choose to not address what the higher Heart wants, we will head in the way of the “heavy” path. Heavy as it is, the path is not a dead-end but rather a roundabout, it re-gives us the opportunity to address the baggage that is holding us back from heading in the “light” path.

Lightness feels clear as day. Not a flinch of nervousness or emotion. Once you go deep enough to find that still space within your heart, you will just know. Look for that space. That voice. That stillness.

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