Finding Order

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

– Carl G. Jung

If there is just one book I can recommend to everyone embarking on their spiritual journey of exploring why we are here on this earth, it would be The Journey Home by Kryon/Lee Carroll. It is a book I have read time and again, and I discover new layers of insights every time. It helped me greatly in finding my order in the simplest terms.

We all come to this world with a map – I briefly wrote about our divine blueprint which I see it as our map. This map and its nth possibilities were drawn up before our incarnations on this earth. We ourselves planned them ahead, we are the architect-planners together with all the other players, to engage in this game called Life. This map functions differently from the 2D or even 3D maps we use in our physical world. It is a dynamic map. It shows us in relation to the current possibilities we are faced with. Depending on what we choose at each point in time, it opens up to different possibilities at any one point of that very present moment in time.

Other than the divine blueprint xD-printed in our etheric bodies (more advanced than 3D print), we also have another tool! We all have been using it to find our way around – the inner compass, or our true north. I see it as different from the moral compass we all have, but the moral compass is somewhat still shaped by the external elements. Rather, it resides somewhere deep within us, it is an even truer north – that still small voice of inner guidance. It is assisted by other divine voices that also guide us on our highest and best paths for our soul development.

Combining these two tools would be how I see us navigating the secret order in all chaos of the cosmos. The “current map” brings into perspective a multi-dimensional cosmos of meaningful and purposeful events, where time is not linear. There are millions of us involved in our own respective story lines, and everyone has Free Will (imagine the multitudes of possibilities). At any one point in time, the map is up to date with the Will that everyone else has wielded. We are more connected to one another than we know. The “inner compass” nudges and prods (or maybe even nags) us into alignment with that is the highest and best directions in accordance to what the present moment offers on that multi-dimensional map.

It is important for us to accept that this is how the map works, and then we can use the inner compass in the highest and best way.

Recognise too, that whatever appears on our paths – be it good, bad, annoying, amazing, distracting, antagonising, rewarding, confusing – they have been placed there for a reason. We are here to learn lessons, pick up virtues, clear karma, etc. However horrid we deem certain human experiences, there is always a higher wisdom behind. We are all in this school of Life to learn and experience! The different roles we play gives us different experiences so we can learn through duality in this human existence.

This is why it is very important that we stay in our own space, in our very own vortex (instead of dabbling with or trying to change others’). When we choose our paths, make our decisions, we wield our free will and that changes the choices open to all others (where it involves us). Focussing on our inner compass to align to our divine blueprint gives us focussed energy and time to shape up to the highest aspects of ourselves. Opening up doors and windows of opportunities where we have the power to open (because it is in our path) will also set the stage for others (if it is on their paths). When the world gets too chaotic, take heart and ask, “what is the bigger lesson behind?”

Knowing where we have power, and where we do not; knowing what to address, to overcome. This makes a much more effective way to spend our energies, to flow with the workings of the Universe.

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