Divine Blueprint

Are you feeling stagnant in your life? Do you find yourself drained out, and everything seems to be just a repeat of every other thing? Do you start asking yourself, “is that all there is?”

We all come to this earth with a unique mission and purpose, and a divine blueprint laid out so we can fulfil what we came here to do. It is the ideal template established by our soul before our incarnation here on earth. Along the way, we accumulate programs that assist us in our progress. “Why then do I feel so clouded?” you may ask. Well, as we acquire more advanced programs, the old ones may become obsolete, thus what was useful before becomes limiting in our paths.

Unlike software updates on our devices, these obsolete programs do not get overwritten. Instead, they continue running in the background, short-circuiting us in ways we may not realise.

Wouldn’t it be great if we can sweep the obsolete ones out of our systems, and have the freshest most useful ones running unhindered?

The good news is, we do have the tools for that. ThetaHealing goes deep in releasing these limiting beliefs; the Arcturian Blueprint Activation clears away the programs blocking us from our divine path, while instilling the willpower for us to engage the challenges we need to face.

Channeling the Arcturian Blueprint Activation transmits the frequencies for activating your divine blueprint. It removes the blockages on your path, subtracts the obsolete programs, strengthens your will, shifting from a victim mentality to that of a warrior mentality. All you have to do in the session is to sit or lie comfortably while I transmit them to you via resonance.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

I can see frequencies, I hear them too. They inform me of different things that I cannot capture with my physical senses. Not a trained physicist nor great at mathematics, I have my difficulties in explaining the hows, whats and whys in scientific terms. The best I can do is to bring it to you, have you experience it, and in a way, translate it to human terms so you can understand it too.

A complete Arcturian Blueprint Activation requires 240 minutes. For each of the six sessions, you will be receiving 40 minutes of ABA frequencies, together with other supporting frequencies that energetically prepare you for this activation, and we conclude each session with a short discussion on what transpired during the activation.

Unravelling your divine blueprint helps you live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Clearing out the cloudiness can help you view your path with fresh eyes.

Thank you Altioe for the background image https://pixabay.com/cs/photos/sv%C3%ADčka-světlo-plamen-vosk-oheň-1605507/

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