Fear and its Guises

Ever wondered why people procrastinate? It is more than a matter of laziness. Ever wondered why some people are so indecisive? Or why they are such perfectionists?
There can be all kinds of root causes behind these why’s. The common denominator to these questions is that they hold us stagnant and keep us where we are.

Be Best?

We come guided by a purpose that appears not as an earthly “to-do task list” of being an architect to build the most amazing building in the world, nor a planner to take care of all humanitarian needs, nor a chef that innovates a new definition to eating.

Successes and Shadows

Have you ever thought about how major life events shape us, or even becomes our identity (in part or in whole)? Or how the attachments to past events (whether positive or negative) can hold us back from the larger potential of what we can be achieving in our lives in actuality?