Why Meditation

For the years I attended meditation classes, my feedback at the closing of the class was always “that was a really good sleep”. When I first started, there was a lot of clearing of thought forms (in the form of images, words) and dense energies. As years go by, I stopped seeing any form of light or images or physical senses at all. Instead, I disappear into a different zone of spacelessness/spaciness and timelessness/timeliness, which feels essentially like a vacuum. While in that zone, my consciousness was still able to see my physical body undergoing healing. 

The above is as much explanation or expression my human understanding can provide. At a much higher level are more abstract concepts – the golden ray of wisdom and illumination – as explained to me by Lord Kuthumi (via Zeo). His words are as follows:

This golden and white light – this which is the ray of wisdom and illumination – is not exclusive to me. It is being relayed to this planet to all of humanity and is being distributed in conjunction with many other spiritual beings. It is a cooperative effort for us to encourage the use of this energy, to promote it here upon the planet, and to proactively seek to inspire those souls who are ready and open for more wisdom to truly make use of this frequency. The gold – gold as a symbol for this energy – gold which is symbolised within Buddha who was also a carrier of this frequency of the wisdom and illumination ray. The gold is simply a symbol, but the energy itself is much more far-reaching, much more vast, than just the visible spectrum that is perceived by the physical eyes. So the gold is just the symbol for a person to connect to this energy and it does not matter whether they connect through Buddha or they connect through Lord Kuthumi, or whether they call for the ray of wisdom and illumination directly. What is essential is meditation.

Meditation means, technically speaking, that a person opens their energy field sufficiently, opens the petals of the lotus to some degree, opens their willingness to receive, calms down the mind in order to establish such a connection, to then immerse themselves. So the difference between monks and normal lay practitioners is simply the intensity of the focus and the dedication and the length of meditation. (Of course, a monk’s life involves so many other things, but we’re trying to make a point.) The point is higher wisdom is available to each one of us, every human being, as then the desire and the interest, the focus, the dedication, that determines how much it becomes a reality. How much the link between the personality mind and the higher mind (one’s higher intelligence) is cultivated, and is ultimately then stabilised and becomes a more consistent quality within a person’s life. We are here for this. We could say in many ways, this energy is a theme in your reality, especially in the business. In other words, wisdom – it is essential for you to find the wisdom.

We have already alluded to the first element, which is really to connect personally and in your personal style of meditation. So when your crown is open, when your heart is open, when your mind is calm, and when you are willing to receive inspiration, recognise what it means. It means that a transmission of energy is occurring. The transmission means that in the moment of meditation, you may only experience tiredness, because initially that inflowing energy is drawing to the surface tiredness, heavier energies that just have to leave your system. You’re yawning, you’re tired, you want to get up, have a drink, you don’t want to go deeper into the meditation. It is normal for the first symptom to be a release of tiredness, of emotion, of exhaustion.

The second symptom is that suddenly, there is greater inspiration felt within your system. Let’s say differently: some of the tiredness left and made space or made way for the higher energy – the higher wisdom and inspiration – to actually enter into your system. We could say, to truly find the place within you. That is the second symptom. At that point, the mind – or we could call it the brain’s frequency – can be measured in brain waves, which has been described as alpha, beta, theta, etc. See, they change: they go one level deeper, and you are now going to have a stronger connection to your Higher intelligence, to your Higher Self. At that point, knowing, feeling, intuition, inspiration, becomes more part of your being. You can tap into it more easily, and see, then it is a matter of posing a question and completely surrendering. “I have a question about this, I am now surrendering”, “I am feeling into myself what is coming”, and if nothing comes, then it must not be the time.

So the third key here is: when you connect, when you seek to receive your own inspiration, your own truth, that which is the right choice in any given moment, the knowing on a conscious mind level, the clarity, may not come in that moment. See, you may download the information, it may then sit in the subconscious, or it may take several days for it to merge as a conscious thought or realisation. So, remember, your higher intelligence is always transmitting to you, but it is you the human being that doesn’t always have the capacity to grasp that which is being sent forth, to grasp it on a conscious mind level. Because some of the truth, and some of the knowing, is beyond current concepts. Therefore, remember, every time you connect, something is happening, even if all that you feel is tiredness. Even if all that you feel is going like “I feel a little bit of warmth in my chest”, “I feel a little bit better”. The following will then merge over the following couple of days. So trusting this is very useful, because then your mind will not demand that the meditation should have a specific result. It will also take away the risk that you will judge yourself for saying “nothing’s happening”, “I can’t meditate”, “why do I even try”, “let’s not continue”. All of these evaluations and judgements – you put them aside. You just accept that whatever happens during the process is perfect. In this way, you are learning to trust yourself more and more in relation to different areas of your life, “I have a feeling that I should say this”, “I have a knowing that I need to initiate that”, “I have a sense that this needs to be discussed”. That is what we mean.

Following this, learning how to cultivate this inner connection and to trust it, that is the most important thing from our perspective. And of course, it will serve you in all areas of your life. This is being facilitated by the people in your life. You see, this person X – we could say in many ways – that person is pushing you into your own guidance, because they have strong opinions, or strong truths, in the way they perceive reality. So, if you don’t have a reference point, or you don’t have a connection to your truth, then easily you can be swayed or pushed around or even confused, because you may have known what is right in the morning, and now with such a strong influence, and you’re like “hmm, maybe she’s right”.  This is what we mean. So the ultimate lesson really is establishing your inner connection to the higher mind more powerfully. This, you can achieve in all kinds of ways. See, there are a myriad, millions, of methods that you can utilise for this, so just find that which works for you.

Background image : morning mist taken at half moon bay. many thanks to the lovely host.

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