Inner Light

Friends often ask me, “what am I supposed to see during a meditation?” Well, we do not always see things, sometimes we feel, sometimes we hear, and sometimes we even smell things. Sometimes we feel nothing, and sometimes, nothingness. Pure stillness in a vacuum. Sometimes, pure bliss.

Byebye Bad Vibes

Have you every felt drained after chatting with certain people? Or totally depleted after an innocent walk through the crowded mall?
We are all susceptible to such dips in energy level, but the extent differs. The more empathic you are, the more affected you can be.

Why Meditation

When I first started meditation, there was a lot of clearing of thought forms (in the form of images, words) and dense energies. As years go by, I stopped seeing any form of light or images or physical senses at all. Instead, I disappear into a different zone of spacelessness/spaciness and timelessness/timeliness, which feels essentially like a vacuum.