Byebye Bad Vibes

Have you ever felt drained after chatting with certain people? Or totally depleted after an innocent walk through the crowded mall? Do you find that an emotional shouting match clings on to your heartstrings even wayyyy after the argument has ceased?

We are all susceptible to such dips in energy level, but the extent differs. The more empathic you are, the more affected you can be. Similarly, the more open (or leaky) your auric fields are, the more the environments can affect you. How negative the environment is, also determines the level of impact it has on you.

There are generic approaches available to keep ourselves light and fluffy. I travel to Phnom Penh weekly for work (this city underwent a violently traumatic past). Over the years, I tried out different ways to perk up my energetic fields. The simplest way is to have a sea salt scrub. This works perfect for me, even more so for the other long haul flights I take, it seems to wash off the abrasiveness (I can feel frequencies …). Another simple tool I use is a tuning fork (mine is tuned to angelic frequencies), cleansing not just my own fields but also to help the land heal. Also available are energetic healing methods, that can clear negativities, emotions, even radiation lingering in the energetic fields. I use these methods periodically and sometimes immediately after “toxic meetings” and I find I can sleep way better after.

There are also methods that are not as convenient or straightforward, but do great jobs for this purpose. Sage-ing can help cleanse our personal space as well as the environmental space (e.g. a room and its corners), I particularly like smoking the dried sage sticks around my ankles and the soles of my feet. Crystals are great too, I love my beautiful green-and-purple-sandwich black fluorite which brings me much relief after a tense day.

Other than cleaning up the aftermath, we can also take a pro-active approach of ensuring we are properly “zipped up” before heading into any crowded spaces/events. Different energy healing modalities have their methods of protecting our energetic fields. For example, I was taught in Reiki to visualise myself surrounded by a ball of golden white light which forms a protective shields that bounces negativities off. Later on, I learnt that beaming unconditional love from my heart chakra dissolves the negativities around me.

With ThetaHealing, we can clear out all kinds of negative energies, not just the environmental ones.

We can purge non-beneficial entities, psychic attacks (negative thought forms), and even psychic cords and hooks (energetic bonds/emotional attachments). This neutralise the energetic exchange so that we reach a platform of neutrality where we can objectively detach ourselves from unbalanced situations.

Isn’t great how there are tools that can deal with the unseen (yet still strongly felt)?

When you feel heavy, dense or “sticky”, you can join us for our weekly Wednesday meditations. We start the session with a good cleanse, mend, and balance, for your subtle bodies!

Thank you PollyDot for the background image 

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