Feeling Overwhelmed In Work And Life

How overwhelmed/beat/tired/burnt-out are people feeling due to the “too much to do / cannot stop now” syndrome? Are you one of those people who cannot seem to stop doing?

I have yet to meet anyone who has not felt overwhelmed from time to time. Since it tends to feel uncomfortable, if not downright unpleasant, we tend to view it as negative and as a weakness. We do not dare to admit we are overwhelmed or to talk about it, which can leave us feeling isolated and alone, further exacerbating the feeling. We often deny we are overwhelmed because we do not know how to stop the frenetic behavior that leads to this feeling. So we do nothing. Our employers, colleagues or friends often do not help support us to stop overworking.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Primarily, this syndrome occurs in our work life but it can carry over to our personal and family life, and it frequently does. Focusing on projects often begins with good intentions, but we can quickly and easily be overwhelmed if we do not have a plan to minimise and balance our work. Getting the project finalized for your team, writing the copy for your website, designing the new sales brochure or completing the 90-day marketing plan are extremely important – but having a balanced, health life is equally important.

This stressful pattern is telling you to change your life! Once you get this message, it is easier to identify the steps you need to take to shift out of the behavior quickly.

Here are some helpful strategies gleaned from personal experience and from working with clients who are burnt out, growing cranky, frustrated, and even depressed. These strategies immediately diminish feelings of being overwhelmed, so you can refocus and make some work/life balance decisions.

  1. Stop what you are doing for a few minutes and take a break. Go for a short walk, sit outside under a tree, meditate, breathe deeply, go to a movie, call a friend to have coffee and share what is going on.
  1. Get a piece of paper and make two columns. In one column, list urgent things you need to do this week. In the other column, list those projects that you can delegate, hire, or barter to be done.
  1. Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate. Unsubscribe to unnecessary e-mail, organise your desk and office to decrease clutter, stop attending meetings, get off committees and decrease volunteering at fundraisers unless you have a total passion for the organisation and the cause.
  2. Do not spend time with people whom you do not like. Assess your friends and business colleagues. Do they support and honour who you are? If they are negative and do not share your vision for your dreams, do not spend another minute with them.
  1. Decide what is most important in your life. If you want a balanced life, you will have to make changes in your life to allow this to happen. That takes some time and planning, but it will be well worth the improvement in your life!
  1. Take an action step today to make change in your life. Call a friend who will support you, take a class to get organised, or work with a coach who will support and motivate you to have a more balanced life.

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