The Secret of Happiness

What does happiness mean to you? There is a lot of searching going on these days for the elusive emotion of “being happy” – where do you find it, how do you create it, even what it actually is.

But I would like to share a little secret with you – happiness is not just for a lucky few who were born with it. You see, happiness is not something you can reach out and touch, or put in the refrigerator and take a sip when you need it. Happiness is not found on a beach in Hawaii (really!) or in a perfect body. It is not even in that perfect relationship that Tom Cruise tries to sell us in the movies. Yet from the images bombarding you every day, it is easy to make the mistake that happiness will arrive on your doorstep when you have the latest car, the best clothes, a fancy home, isn’t it? It is easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that if you could just find the right person, they would arrive with a box of happiness attached to his/her hip.

But all this does is convince you that happiness is something to be found outside of yourself. And that is where you get off track.

The secret is that happiness is simply a by-product of creating and living a life that works, a life that you enjoy, whatever that is. Happiness comes from doing what you want, where you want to do it, with whom you want to do it.

You see, happiness starts by believing you have control over your life; and grows by making choices that will give you a sense of well-being, satisfaction. Happiness comes from deciding that you will go to school for 6 years if that is what it takes. That you will organise your life until you can afford to move. And that you decide who to hug, how much to smile, what music you listen to, and who you hang out with.

Happiness is about making the best choices you can about who you spend your time with, how you make your living, how much you learn, what you put into your body. Because when you feel good about the space you are in, when you are with people you admire and respect and they admire and respect you, when you are working on a project that is meaningful to you, happiness will shine right through. And that is no secret.

Decide today to stop chasing happiness, and instead choose three things that you love to do, that contribute to your feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

Schedule time for them, everyday if possible, every week at least. It does not have to be for a long time, just 10 minutes a day will help you create the happiness that you are looking for. Guaranteed.

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