Essentials to Break Through Procrastination

What are you procrastinating on

Is it appropriate to hold off or an irrational postponement? Will this make a positive impact in your life?

Choose the area that you will stop procrastinating and make a renewed commitment. 

Discover the source to find the solution

Consider when your car does not start. You look for the source of the problem. When you find the source it is easy to take action to make the repair.

Look behind procrastination to find what is restraining you. It may be an unpleasant task, lack of interest, someone else’s goal, a large overwhelming project, fear, poor time management, or indecision. Be brutally honest and get to the source.

Decide if this is a goal you want to keep

Based on the source, decide if this is a goal you want to keep. If so, choose a strategy that feels good to you. It may mean developing new habits. Discover the source and set up the strategy in a way that you know you will take action. 

Hold an intense vision

Think of that clear, exciting picture that shows up in regret. Allow that to pull you towards it. You have great capabilities when you take action, even if it is learning in action. Focus on how great you will feel when you go for it! After all, it is through the journey that the great and memorable moments take place.

Thank you  Gerd Altmann for the background image

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