Perception | Projection

“We are a perception of ourselves interpreted by others’ perceptions.”

~ Vianna Stibal

There are so many layers of meanings to this statement about perception and projection – the mirrors we find ourselves looking at, as well as the mirrors we are, all which are bouncing around in a series of reflected tingles of perceptions and projections. It is less confusing (or maybe more confusing, depending on how our interpreting mechanisms function!) if we look at it from the viewpoint that we are all not separate, but really acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything around us, the world that we are in.

It is hard not to develop compassion -for people, for events, for situations- when you see through the lens of a much greater Love.

Why I love the ThetaHealing modality so much is that with every belief work session, I gain greater insights and higher perspectives. It is hard not to develop compassion for people, for events, for situations. When you discover the deep subconscious beliefs that have been surreptitiously influencing your behaviours, you will have greater compassion for “other” people’s behaviours. For they do have accumulated such baggage through their past events that cause them to behave they way they do today (just like we do). We are fortunate to have the tools to unlock us from these old traumas, and move forward more easefully, more graciously.

We really are not separate. People come into our lives to mirror back to us which areas in our lives need, or are ready for, healing. Take a second and reconsider – have a good look at what you are complaining about. Breathe. See that as a mirror. Are there ways that you have been reflecting/projecting that which you have been complaining about? If you say no, then it is going to be difficult to learn the lessons that are right in front of you. If you are not ready, that is fine, no one is rushing you, do not judge yourself for that. All in good timing, you will when you are ready to. Life will be easier, smoother, faster, when one is open to having a good hard look at oneself.

Let us take some earthly examples on this topic. A very pointed random thought minced and eschewed over the weekend:

“What (do you think) happens when unconditional love meets a viewpoint of conditional love?” 

When one’s inner world fills and radiates with that of unconditional Love, one is likely to do what is the highest and best contribution one can render at any one time.

On the contrary, when one sees from the viewpoint of conditional love, no matter how much a person gives or contributes, it is never enough as long as it does not meet the specific conditions of what that person is doing the checklist against.

Let us first look at a normal situation in our everyday life. Factually and objectively, yes it does not get its ticks on what is required, and thus may not be great for the situation and can be better released out of one’s space/vortex. We do have to function in a good balance of this for that. Sometimes though, life delivers better than what one has expected. However, if eyes are fixated on that narrow definitive list, then opportunities can be missed. If the focus shifts to that of possibilities and allow the positivity to unfold, maybe (likely) things can turn out different. One can continue biting at the shortfall, but that would only attract more such vibration.

Now, let us look at what happens when unconditional Love meets this viewpoint of conditional love.

Seeing through that lens, no matter how unconditional another person gives, a person wearing the conditional lens would be perceiving from the point of view of, “What is this person’s motive behind giving me this?” “If the person is gaining this out of me, is what I am gaining out of this person enough?” “Am I being disadvantaged?” “What else do I deserve out of this situation?” Not only is this perception, it is also the projection of one’s viewpoint onto another. It is the perception and projection of conditionals onto a situation where love is rendered without such conditions.

Isn’t it exhausting to have to be watching this tallying of exchanges all the time? Doesn’t that expend so much energy unnecessarily? Life flows so much easier, so much smoother, when we are in the vibration of unconditional Love, without all the unnecessary expense of energies. A person rendering contribution from the viewpoint of service is released from that heaviness of such (downward) spiralling thoughts, and is in a healthier space of satisfaction and fulfilment, “oh, nice, I like what I did today.” “Feels good to have brightened another’s.” The vibration is so different. We vibrate at what we put our focus on. If we perceive through the lens of love, we project Love, and hence that is what we see in our world. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that a better space to focus our thoughts and deeds?

That said, I am not advocating for naïveté in our viewpoint of the world. Therein lies discernment.

“Never stop being a good person. Just be mindful about who you are good to. Givers have to set boundaries, because takers don’t.”

~ mastering law of attraction (Image from Facebook Page)

This is why Belief Work is so important. It gives us a lot of clarity in our viewpoints and perspectives. It gives us discernment from Creator’s highest perspective. It helps us see where a good balance lies, shines a torch onto the healthy approach / pathway when we are unclear on the murky grounds we find ourselves in.

I am very grateful for the beautiful souls I cross paths with as I walk this journey of healing. They are like beacons of Creator’s light that shines along the way. Here are two more light beams in resonance with this post:

“I know how to live without gossiping about others, without causing them damage with my words. I pick my friends wisely.

~ Downloads from Vianna Stibal (would you like that too? Say yes if you do)

“You will always win when you move with love and genuine intentions. ALWAYS.”

~ mastering law of attraction (Facebook Page) Via my lovely loving teacher

With all the above sections in consideration, what would an earthly person do when unconditional Love meets a conditional perspective? A beautiful reply I received yesterday was that, “Unconditional will thank conditional love for all that he/she has done. And it is time for Him to take over.” (<3 Thank you J.K. <3 )

Keep in high vibration everybody!

<3 Remember, Love Always Wins. <3

Thank you kellepics for the background image 

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