The Dreaming

Where do we go when we dream?

What a fine question I was asked one day. How is it that I never even thought about it all these decades? I have travelled so many places in my dreams, done so many exciting things beyond imagination in those dreams. Or rather, these dreams brought in my imagination of what had never existed in my world before. Where do they come from? What takes place as we sleep?

Here is a resource which I found the description and explanation to be very comprehensive. And of course, I heart anthroposophy, I heart Rudolf Steiner! 

So much work is done on us, we are doing so much work in our sleep! It does not come as a surprise though. After every ThetaHealing class, I would be utterly exhausted and deeply slumbering away, that which I always only knew to be “integration”. We change many beliefs in every class, and at night, the lovely cells in our body integrate all the healing and new knowledge and learnings picked up in our day classes. Hence, the (minimum) number of days for each class is stipulated by the sleep cycles required.

Rather than eschewing the amazing information in the resource from the anthroposophy website, I shall share some examples of where I go in my dreams.

I personally do not consciously do any astral travelling. My conscious mind is still acclimatising to the magical world that we cannot see, thereby finding it difficult to make any attempts at astral travelling – it is probably still working on figuring out how there are even astral bodies or ether bodies or spiritual bodies apart from the physical. (It is opening up to embrace the non-physical aspects of our existence, and I acknowledge and appreciate it is working at it. <3 )

My soul, my subconscious, all the other non-physical aspects of my totality, on the other hand, had been enjoying so many adventures in so many other realms!

Somewhere else on the physical plane

Since I was a child*, I had been venturing to the universe, just zooming around the stars and enjoying the freedom from gravity (and from other human beings). I never really knew which stars I visited but remember it being so still, so peaceful. In my late teens, I set up an Astronomy Club with some friends in junior college, and got to know more stars, clusters, and constellations. It was only in the recent DNA3 class that I knew about my past life / work with Alcyone and Aldebaran. I had not known Alcyone by name, but by its Messier catalogue number. No wonder the familiarity and comfort amongst the stars in my childhood. Have you too danced amongst the stars?

* My childhood is starkly different from my life now. Up till I was five, I lived a village life in the family kampung house, and services were very village commune! Thereafter, we moved to the urbanised "HDB flats"(public housing). Thus, my memories are starkly differentiated between childhood and "after-five".

Somewhere in the fifth plane of existence

Other than the dark dark space lit by bright bright stars, I used to hang out in a space of fluffy white clouds, with a beautiful lotus seat that belonged to me. We had meetings there all the time, right when I was a kid not knowing anything about worldly affairs. Guess it is a different story when it comes to the otherworldly scenes. There were many other lotus seats around, and some others were there but I never noticed their faces. I was too preoccupied climbing up and down the lotus, and sitting there in meditation (lotus pose, of course). I knew how to meditate before anyone taught me on the physical plane. I had just followed all others in the fluffy white clouds, although I had no idea who they were or where I was. That space – it was just pureness, and pure benevolence. As I grew up (still before I was five), I remember Mom giving me a pendant (from a temple medium, it is a whole separate story altogether), and she said I am a flower child beside the Goddess of Mercy (Guanyin). Decades later, when I was doing my Masters degree in Melbourne, I piously went to the temple where our human existence were narrated to us from/in a larger scheme of things. There, we were taught that everyone of us has a lotus seat reserved in the heavens. That was a bingo moment for me, “so that was what I had been dreaming about!” No wonder I always felt so at home there that I have no wish to return back to the physical existence**. It was another perfect matching piece to the puzzle when I learnt about the Seven Planes of Existence in ThetaHealing – the “fluffy white clouds” was the fifth plane, the bright golden light before we went to the Laws.

(**Note to self: obvious belief to clear here!)

More decades later, I still end up in the fluffy white clouds in my dreams, but as an adult now. More meetings, more classes*** up there. So many times, I was teaching to crowds of about thirty over “people” (they appear as energies, not humans) – funny how we had white boards up there, and the “students” sometimes sit at “tables”, and sometimes just floating cross-legged above the “floor (of clouds)”. Sometimes I see my Kundalini yoga+reiki teacher up there too – we join/sit in each other’s classes (under different roles)! In the recent in-between-life regression, again, I saw a crowd of about thirty – this time it was clearly my soul family, for that was the intent and purpose of the session! I was bringing in knowledge and experiences to share with them, to teach to them, and then we all raise our vibration together. Seems like the plan is for everyone to bring in different knowledge and experiences for our ascension as a whole soul family! How beautiful is that!

***I saw myself teaching in the clouds wayyyy before I started teaching in University, and now I am teaching ThetaHealing (which is closer to what we do up in the clouds).

Seeing that beautiful scene just makes me wonder why we are so caught up in competition and corporate rat race here in our earthly existence.

Now, about the meetings, they are way more serious and heavier than the classes. Imagine that! It was always very serious, and I always felt like we were on a disciplinary panel putting forth alternative plans-of-actions. That was how stern it felt. It happened again just last week, I cannot remember what happened, but the solemness felt iron-clad (yet with the soft fluffy benevolence of the whole space). As I learnt more about the Planes of Existence in ThetaHealing, those scenes seem to match the description of being on the Council of Twelve (for other soul families outside my own). I never got to see who it was for, but I will try to pay more attention next time. It always felt like there were more serious issues being worked on or in the midst of resolution, that the (gossipy?) issue of “for who??” never even had the chance to surface. I thought I would be surprised by this concept but it turned out not at all, for I had separate experiences about what a Council of Twelve does in situations threatening world peace (calls for a separate post, but only when I am ready to write it onto this physical plane).

With all these duties, I do wonder wtf I am doing here on this earth. (Note to self: more belief work.... ) 

Somewhere on the fourth plane

I hardly visit the fourth plane in my dreams, but I do so when I journey with Dragon! (Spirit animal – spirit realm – fourth plane.) Sometimes, dreams could also be messages from the spirit realm, providing guidance to us through metaphors, stories, sometimes even drama series of dreams. The indigenous peoples access their Ancestors Beings for knowledge, wisdom, stories, rules/laws, guidance, during their Dreamtime (not just sleep state dream state, but also via ceremonies and rituals).

Some other realm / dimension on the third plane

In the dream world, we do connect with other physical beings in dream state. Vianna (founder of ThetaHealing) used to dream of running with the wolves (her as a she-wolf) and connecting to (more like scaring) Tyler. In the physical world, Tyler used to get nightmares of the wolf people running after him. One night, Vianna dreamt that the she-wolf was shot, and she woke up with a huge pain in her thigh. News (actual, real-life) the next day reported that a female wolf there had been shot.

I can recount a few of these realms I went to that were obviously related to current third-plane earthly experiences. I had previously archived them in my mind shelf of “world service” (night shift).

At the start of this pandemic (before it was even called an epidemic), I was guiding souls to the light during dream state. I used to be fearful of whatever that is to do with the fourth plane or the spirit realm, so it was surprising that I was doing this at all. I guess, to my soul, work is just work, “you just go do what needs to be done”****. How it felt like? I felt like I was a very compassionate traffic controller, gently guiding souls to the light, including counselling them on the much bigger picture of our existence. It was a long-drawn process, I am sure Law of Time got involved, for when I woke up, it was just my usual waking up time. I had been doing this work way earlier, but it was never as starkly a (third-to-)fourth plane transition as this. I had always been healing lands and creatures during the wildfires (before we even hear it on our news or smell it in our air), but it never occurred to me that I was guiding them to the light (until the pandemic one happened). So yes, these are examples of things that are happening on current timeline, on earth, in the third plane (albeit, transitioning to the fourth).

**** Note that you always have a choice. You can always choose to not do it. If you find yourself doing this and waking up zapped of energy, do clear any oaths/vows/contracts you might have made, release yourself from any obligations to this work (you still have a choice even after releasing the obligations).

Not forgetting the Atlantis one, which I mentioned in the earlier post about oaths and vows. That too was on the earthly existence, on the third plane, and probably in current timeline, just that the oaths/vows were contracted in a way earlier timeline.

Solidly on the third plane

Many of our dreams are also releases and healings on our third plane existence. We accumulate so much clutter in our lives, that when we change our beliefs and work on our healings, the associated ones need to be vented out as well. These dreams can appear as old scenes from the past, people you may not even have noticed but when you see them, you know they had been in your life one way or another. They could be a car that fled past you in your day that traumatised and scared you out of your wits. You would want these incidents to be cleaned out of your system (they take up a lot of your space whether you notice it or not), and dreams are a good way to let them out.

This is a long documentation of dreams! There are many different frameworks of looking at dreams and their meanings and purpose, the other one being Sigmund Freud’s and Carl Jung’s idea of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious.

Good night, and sweet dreams!

Thank you Willgard for the background image 

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